How to Choose the Right Size DXRacer Gaming Chair


Whether you’re a gamer or a casual PC user, the first thing we all tend to think about is getting a comfy, ergonomic stylish chair that can allow long gaming and working hours without causing back problems. Well, Dxracer is truly the best option to go for in terms of gaming chairs.

You might be unfamiliar with the Dxracer chair sizes and what to choose exactly? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to let you know.

DXRacer has 5 different size gaming chairs, Racing series, Racing PRO series, Formula series, King series, and Tank series. Each one get’s proressively larger and can hold increasingly more weight. If you have a smaller figure, go for the Racing or Racing PRO series, otherwise, go for the King or Tank series.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Dxracer Gaming Chairs, how to choose them and I’m also going to provide you a complete in-depth Dxracer Sizing Guide as well.

So all you need to do is sit back, relax, and read this article till the end to get all the knowledge you need to buy the most perfect Dxracer gaming chair for yourself.

How to Choose the Right Size DXRacer Gaming Chair

What areDxracer Gaming Chairs?

Dxracer is one of the most popular American manufacturers of gaming chairs across the globe. Their gaming chairs are known for high-tech features, superb comfort, amazing adaptability, and suitable sizes.

Dxracer was started as a manufacturing company of first-class racing seats and they kept expanding their product range. In 2006, the Dxracer brand was officially established and known as the first true E-sports gaming chair manufacturer.

Their chairs are truly the cream of the crop. They’re premium quality chairs and are mostly used by streamers and popular internet personalities. Although Dxracer gaming chairs cost more than some of the other chair options, they’re also incredibly superior to other chairs for the price range.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a good quality gaming chair, it would be best if you invest in a decent Dxracer chair that fits your needs so you can have a chair that lasts for years to come.

Why Choose DXRacer Chairs?

Dxracer chairs are incredibly high-quality and premium. As a buyer who wants the best chair for themselves, you might be wondering, why should I choose Dxracer Chairs? Apart from being the best in terms of quality, here are some major reasons you should choose Dxracer Chairs.

  • Comfort – Dxracer chairs are popular for being the most comfortable among all gaming chairs in the market. The seats and the padding along with the ergonomics of the chair are all truly incredible.
  • Adjustability – With conventional tilt and dual-mech options, Dxracer is one of the most highly-adjustable gaming chairs you can get your hands on. So, that’s definitely a great reason to get them.
  • Durability – The frame and the structure of the gaming chairs by Dxracer are super durable. Their durability and strength is incredible and they can last for a long time to come.
  • Stylish Design – When it comes to gaming chairs, one very important thing is the design of the chair since it is supposed to be aesthetic to complement the entire gaming setup. Dxracer chairs are some of the best in terms of stylish designs in the industry in my opinion.

In-depth DXRacer Sizing Guide

If you’re planning to get a great Dxracer gaming chair for yourself, knowing about the different sizing ranges and dimensions can be really helpful. That’s why I’m going to talk about all the Dxracer chair sizes and dimensions so you can choose the one that suits you the most. Let’s take a look at the different sizes of the various chair series by Dxracer.

Racing Series Size

The Racing Series by Dxracer is really amazing in terms of comfort and design. However, the size of the chairs in this series is small. This basically means that it is meant for smaller statured people with a recommended height of around 5’8” and a weight of around 200lbs.

The chairs that fall in this series sport the conventional tilt mechanism offered by Dxracer. The overall height range of the Racing chairs lies between 48.5” to 52”. The seat height in this category can go from 17” to 21” whereas the armrest height is small too around only 22.5” to 29” which is suitable for smaller-sized users.

If we talk about the shoulder width we’re talking around 21.5” whereas the overall width is around 25”. The armrests are around 18” wide and the depth of the chairs in the Racing series is around 18.5” to 21.5”. So, if you’re smaller in size, and you weigh less, you’re going to find the Racing series chairs most comfortable and optimal for yourself.

Racing PRO Series Size

The Racing PRO series is a step-up from the Racing Series by Dxracer. The size is proprietarily called Small+ but it basically translates to bigger than small but smaller than their medium-sized chairs. The recommended height for these chairs is 6” whereas the weight is around 250lbs.

The mechanism used in the R PRO series is actually dual-mech. Now if you take a look at the overall height of the small+ Racing PRO series chairs, they’re around 51” to 54.5” tall and the seat height is between 18” and 21.5”. The armrests on the R PRO series chairs by Dxracer are from 24” to 30.5” in size meant for larger sized individuals without a question.

Taking a gander at the width, the shoulders on this series are about 23” whereas the overall width revolves around 26”. The armrests are 19” inches wide and the depth of these chairs lie between 19.5” and 21.5”. Truly meant for taller and bigger statured users, the Racing PRO chairs are incredible in terms of quality and design.

Formula Series Size

Another epic series of chairs built for the utmost ease and incredible adjustability along with full backrest tilt options, the Formula series by Dxracer is an incredible option for you. It is also small in size and is best suited for people who’re up to 5’8” and around or less than 200lbs.

The F series chairs by Dxracer use a conventional tilt mechanism as well therefore, the weight capacity isn’t that much. The overall height of the F chairs lies between 46” to 50” with the seat height being around 16” to 19.5” and the armrest height between 22.5” to 29” optimal for short-statured users as well.

The shoulder width is bigger than the racing series chairs around 22.5” and the overall width is 26.5”. The armrest width is 20” whereas the depth of the F series chairs is around 18.5” to 21.5”. 

This series of chairs is meant for people looking for incredible adjustability and smaller form factor chairs. The design and quality of these chairs are just as great as you’d expect from any Dxracer chair. If you’re looking for an incredible chair for yourself, the F series has definitely got a lot of options.

King Series Size

With the King series, we’re getting into the bigger sizes. The King series is the premium gaming chair series along with the Sentinel chair series and is medium-sized according to Dxracer. The chairs, however, can be used by gamers up to 6’2” with a weight of around 275lbs.

The chairs in this series are dual-mech meaning they use multiple tilting mechanisms and provide more weight capability. The overall height lies between 51.5” to 55”, the seat height is about 19.5” to 23.5” whereas the armrest height is between 25.5” to 32.5” meant for larger individuals.

The chairs are durable and high-quality like all Dxracer products and the shoulder width is 23.5” whereas the overall width is 27”. The armrest width is around 19.5” and the depth is between 19.5” to 22.5”. The chairs of the King series are great for people who want larger, sturdier chairs with a better weight withstanding capability. It will be perfect for you if you’re a bigger individual.

Tank Series Size

The biggest chairs fall into the Tank series. The T series is meant for gamers who want more of a throne than a gaming chair and these chairs truly deliver on what they promise. With a weight capacity of over 400lbs and a height limit of more than 6’2”, this series is considered the biggest by Dxracer.

The mechanism used by this series is known as heavy-duty, which allows the chairs to withstand weights of over 400lbs. The overall height of the chairs in this category lies between 52” to 56”. The seat height is around 17” to 22”. The armrest height is between 24” to 31”.

The width of the chair’s shoulders is 26” and the overall width is a ginormous 29.5”. The armrest width is 21.5” whereas the depth lies somewhere within the 21” to 23” mark-making this series of Dxracer chairs a true humungous beast. And that’s what you should expect if you thinking of getting this chair.


DXRacer chairs are truly amazing. And with this proper sizing guide, you’re going to be able to get the perfect DXRacer gaming chair for yourself without a problem at all. Make sure you find the perfect one depending upon your size and you’re good to go. I hope you have a comfortable gaming experience.

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