DXRacer vs GTRacing vs Maxnomic vs Secretlab – Who Makes the Best Gaming Chair?


If you’re a computer user and you spend quite a while on your chair gaming or working, the first thing you must be concerned about is getting a high-quality incredibly comfortable gaming chair. But which one should you choose?

There are tons of different options claiming to be the best. The best of the best out there are Dxracer, Gtracing, Maxinomic, and Secretlab.co, and all of these amazing gaming chair companies are known worldwide. But the question is, Dxracer or Gtracing, Maxnomic or Secretlab – which company makes the best gaming chairs? That’s what I’m here to answer for you.

In this article, I’m going to talk about all these top tier gaming chair companies, their incredible unique features and compare them with each other. I’m going to take into account different comparison factors like price, comfort, adjustability, and more to find out the one true king of the gaming chair industry.

DXRacer vs GTRacing vs Maxnomic vs Secretlab – Who Makes the Best Gaming Chair?

DXRacer Gaming Chairs

In 2006, DXRacer, a company primarily responsible for manufacturing sport car seats, created the first gaming chair. This led to the revolution of gaming chairs being used and manufactured for esports events, individual usage, and professional work environments.

You can say DXRacer was the parent company that started it all. That’s why Dxracer gaming chairs are considered some of the best, highest-quality, and most comfortable chairs in the market. And that’s exactly why you should definitely keep their series of chairs in close view.

What Makes Dxracer Gaming Chairs So Good?

This question might have been echoing in your mind by now. Well, the basic answer is, they’re the original gaming chairs. But it’s not as simple as that. Let’s take a look at some of the best features and properties that make Dxracer Gaming Chairs so good and well-liked by gamers and professionals alike.

  • Aluminum Frame – The strong aluminum base of all the entries in the Dxracer lineup allows them to last long and stay sturdy and firm while being incredibly comfortable.
  • Ergonomic Cushions – From the neck pillow to the lumbar support, the armrests and all the cushioning on the chairs are designed ergonomically to support the muscles of the user.
  • Adjustability – If you take a look at the different models of Dxracer chairs, you’re going to see that from the backrest to the feet of the chair, there are loads of adjustability options.
  • One for everyone – Most chair companies only cater to a certain size of the audience. But when it comes to Dxracer, you’re going to see different models and different series for differently weighted and heightened individuals which are amazing.

If you‘re interested, there are some amazing DXRacer Gaming Chairs on Amazon.

GTRacing Gaming Chairs

Established in 2005 under a different registered name, GTRacing gaming chairs really peaked in the early 2010s. Up till now, GTRacing has become a staple and important part of many esports events, and their chairs are used all around the world.

GTRacing gaming chairs are a really tough rival for DXRacer and the quality of their gaming chairs is extremely good. As a gaming chair enthusiast, I’d definitely say, Gtracing makes some of the best and most comfortable gaming chairs that I’ve witnessed in my time. The features, prices and everything in between is great in my opinion.

Why are Gtracing Gaming Chairs So Popular?

What’s the reason for the incredible success and popularity of Gtracing gaming chairs? Well, other than the fact that all the professionals in world esports tournaments love to rock their chairs, here are some of the best things you’re going to find in Gtracing Gaming Chairs.

  • Decent Prices – One of the best and most definitive things about Gtracing Gaming Chairs is the fact that they offer high-quality gaming chairs at prices that are significantly lesser than most of the premium quality gaming chair brands out there in the market.
  • High-Quality Build – Well, as you’d expect from one of the four horsemen of gaming chairs, Gtracing gaming chairs are incredibly high-quality. Just the feel to the stuff and the leather used in the making are all extremely high-quality and just what you’re going to need.
  • Incredible Comfort – Gtracing gaming chairs are mostly designed for professional esports players and to keep their comfort, all the cushions and padding use memory foam of the highest quality to ensure that the setting doesn’t become strenuous or straining.
  • Great Adjustability – The great thing about Gtracing chairs is the fact that most of their models are highly adjustable. The backrest can be tilted and angled very low and the armrests along with the height and much more are greatly adjustable.
  • Sturdiness – Another Incredible feature is the sturdiness of the chairs. You can tilt them and rock them back and forth without any hesitation. The chairs by Gtracing are good enough to last you a long time and offer you the best of comfort without the shadow of a doubt.

If you‘re interested, there are some amazing GTRacer Gaming Chairs on Amazon.

Maxnomic Gaming Chairs

Need for Seat USA is the parent company of Maxnomic which is a registered trademark of theirs. Their high-quality premium gaming chairs are the epitome of luxury when it comes to absolutely amazingly designed, comfortable and luxurious gaming chairs.

Mostly owned by YouTubers, Streamers and professional gamers and office workers, Maxnomic makes some of the best gaming chairs in the market in terms of design, quality, strength, weight capacity, and comfort as well. so you should definitely keep their chairs on your priority list.

What are Maxnomic Gaming Chairs Known For?

Maxnomic by Need for Seat USA manufactures some of the best gaming chairs I’ve seen. From the design to the texture, the sleekness, the finesse, and the premium quality, you’re going to see a lot of amazing features in the Maxnomic Gaming Chairs. Let’s take a look at some of these features.

  • Premium Quality – When it comes to the cream of the crop in terms of gaming chairs, the Maxnomic Gaming Chairs are really one of the top gaming chairs in the market. The quality of the materials and the product is just top-notch premium.
  • Metal Base – The Metal Base used in the different models of Maxnomic gaming chairs allows the chairs to be incredibly sturdy, well-balanced, high-capacity, and long-lasting. You’re going to have a great time with your own Maxnomic gaming chair for quite a long while.
  • Both Office and Gaming Options – Another great thing is that Maxnomic doesn’t only manufacture gaming chairs. Their chairs are also meant for professional workers and these chairs are designed according to the taste of the user which is epic.
  • Ergonomics – The adjustable lumbar support, armrest moveability, and height adjustment are just some of the ergonomic design choices and approach options the Maxnomic gaming chairs come with. So, you need to expect the best of the best.
  • Comfort – When it comes to comfort, you’d expect the best for the price that these chairs come for. Well, the best is what you’re going to get. Thick and soft padding and cushioning are equipped in all of the chairs made by Maxnomic which allows you to feel at ease and comfy at all times.

If you‘re interested, there are some amazing Maxnomic Gaming Chairs on Amazon.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs

Founded in 2014, by two competitive gamers, Secretlab.co quickly rose in the ranks in comparison to other gaming chair companies. The basic reason for this was high-quality and the features of the gaming chairs were incredibly productive and need of the hour.

The developers and the manufacturers knew what they were doing and the Secretlab Gaming Chairs became one of the best gaming chairs in the market this way. Now, you can see Secretlab Gaming Chairs being used by professionals as well as gamers who’re looking for a luxurious comfortable sitting experience while they game for hours without end.

What Are the Best Things About Secretlab Gaming Chairs?

From designs to build and much more, there are a lot of great things in Secretlab Gaming Chairs. Let’s take a look at all the incredible features and advantages that their chairs bring to us as users.

  • Cold-Cured Foam – Secretlab manufactures their own signature high-density, cold-cured foam that is used in the padding and the cushioning of their chair models which adds a layer to the comfort and smoothness of the chairs.
  • Reclining Lock – Another fascinating feature is the ability to recline the chair and then put it into a lock. The chair allows you to do so and can withstand a lot of force and weight in that particular tilt and rock reclining position.
  • Solid Frame – The chairs at Secretlab use the metallic base to provide support and strength to the overall chair. The frame of the chair is incredibly solid and works wonders for the weight capacity of the chair.
  • Superb Adjustability – From the armrest height and width to the height of the chair, the tilt, the backrest, and the head pillow, everything is incredibly adjustable according to your liking which is one of the best features of the Secretlab gaming chairs.

DXRacer vs GTRacing vs Maxnomic vs Secretlab – Who’s the Winner?

Which one of these gaming chair behemoths has the best gaming chair recipe? Well, that depends on a few factors. Let’s take a look at these factors and the winners in each individual factor.

Comparison MetricTop Brand
Build QualityDXRacer


Features like lumbar support, tiltability, armrest movement, adjustability, and backrest movement are incredibly important in a high-quality gaming chair. These features and advantages are what truly make the price to value ratio clear to the average user.

In my opinion, Secretlab comes close but none of the mentioned companies are able to manufacture gaming chairs that offer better price to value in terms of features and adjustability than the Dxracer gaming chairs. You’re going to get a fully-featured gaming chair that comes in different sizes and fits perfectly depending upon your requirement. That’s what we need from the ideal gaming chair.

Winner: Dxracer


When it comes to price, gaming chairs are not inexpensive nowadays. Even the cheapest gaming chairs offered by Secretlab, Maxnomic and even Dxracer are well over $150 if you’re looking for a good quality chair.

That’s however, not the case with Gtracing gaming chairs. Yes, there are incredibly expensive premium chair options as well which professionals usually opt for. 

But if you’ve got a smaller budget and you’re looking for the bare bone gaming chair which can last you for a few years and keep you comfy, Gtracing has got you covered with some of the best cheap gaming chairs in the market. That’s why they’re the best in terms of price.

Winner: Gtracing


If we’re talking about build quality, we’re basically talking about the strength, the weight capacity, the solidity, and the overall sturdiness of the gaming chair in question. All our candidates manufacture highly sturdy and strong gaming chairs with amazingly high weight capacities.

But one that just blows all the competition away, is again none other than Dxracer. The basic models of the Dxracer gaming chairs are able to withstand over 200lbs of weight. But the T series models are able to support over 400lbs even which is incredibly amazing.

Other than that, the aluminum frame and the wide base capable of supporting large weights for a long time to come also make a great difference. That’s why I think in terms of build-quality, Dxracer gaming chairs are truly the best. And you should definitely think about getting one of their models for making your own gaming experience better too. Good luck to you.

Winner: Dxracer


All these gaming chair brands are highly respectable and offer incredible products. But in my opinion, the one that takes the cake is the DXRacer gaming chair.

The reason is quite simple. Although it costs more than your usual gaming chair, it offers value in terms of features and comfort that none of the others are able to offer.

That’s why personally I would choose this gaming chair. I hope that clears it out and you can now have a great gaming chair experience.

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