3 Reasons Gaming and Office Chairs Explode


When you’re thinking about buying a new high-quality gaming chair, the last thing you’re going to be thinking about is if the gaming chair can explode. Don’t worry, it’s not as weird of thought as you might consider it.

Can gaming chairs explode? This is a question that must be going through your mind. Well, the answer is, yes, they can. But the rarity of such an event happening has less than one in a billion. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

There are a few things that can cause a gaming chair to explode. Low quality built gaming chairs could have malfunctions with the gas cylinder. Miss use of the chair could also cause explosions. To avoid conflict, buy from reputable brands, use the chair responsibly, and change out the seat if any gas problems occur.

In this article, I’m going to talk about how exactly gaming chairs explode, how concerned you should be, and whether it is a genuine problem or not. So, sit back, relax, and read this article till the end if you want to find a detailed answer to this question.

Can Gaming Chairs Explode How

What’s the Story Behind Gaming Desk Chairs Exploding?

The question is, how did you end up thinking about gaming chairs exploding in the first place? Well, the simple answer has to be that you heard about it or read news about one of the three cases that occurred out of the billions of chairs in use right now.

These incidents mainly occurred in China. In one of the incidents, the person sitting on the chair actually lost their life due to it. Others were injured incredibly severely due to the explosion of the chairs.

This is exactly why you must be worried about your decision of buying and sitting on a gaming chair. But the important thing to think about at this point is that these three cases occurred out of the billions of chairs safely being in use.

So, what you should be worried about is the quality of your chair and design along with the comfort factor instead of whether it is going to explode when you’re buying a gaming chair.

How Can a Gaming Chair Explode?

You might be wondering; why does a gaming chair explode? What’s the science behind it? Well, there’s only one possible area that can cause explosions in gaming chairs. The perpetrator is the gas cylinder in the base area of the gaming chair. The pressurized gas in the cylinder is responsible for seat adjustment. This basically means that when you pull your chair up or push it down, the gas spring mechanism is activated which allows the chair to move up or down.

The gas spring mechanism works in such a way that there is a lever that you can pull to adjust the height of the chair. Once this lever is pulled or pushed, a piston is pressed into the gas cylinder that is fitted in the base of the chair. This pressure of the piston puts the chair and holds it in place. In regular high-quality chairs, there is lubrication in the cylinders which stops the pressure from overheating the base of the chair. 

This mechanism is employed in most of the gaming and office desk chairs being used throughout the world right now. The chair designs are ensured to provide complete safety to the user before they are retailed.

What Could Cause a Gas Cylinder Explosion?

Well, basically, there are 3 major reasons explosions an office chair’s gas cylinder could explode. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons which may have led to such a rare occurrence.

Low-Quality Build

Problems with the gas cylinder of a gaming chair can exist from the manufacturing of it. This manufacturing issue is more common in low-quality chairs by unpopular brands that aren’t very reputable.

What happens with these low-quality gaming chairs is that instead of using nitrogen gas, these manufacturers use pressurized air in the cylinder to cut costs and make more profit. This could lead to potential problems and risks which can create problems for the users. 

Problems with the Gas Cylinder

Well, other than having manufacturing issues, some chairs might develop a problem with the gas cylinder over time. Typically, you would not have to interact with the gas cylinder of your chair at all due to the high-quality build and safety that chairs are made with.

But if due to overuse, the height adjustment mechanism of your chair stops working, this could mean that there is some kind of problem with the gas cylinder in the base of that chair. This will not only cause comfort problems but also keep your mind uneasy thinking about the problems that could happen.

Abnormal Usage of the Chair

There are many instances of chairs breaking and exploding in videos on the internet but that doesn’t happen in normal usage. Jumping violently on chairs or using them for experimental purposes is the main reason you see these kinds of things happen in videos. Such abnormal usage of gaming and office desk chairs can cause not only breakage but also harm to the people around these chairs.

How to Avoid a Gaming Chair Explosion

Although gaming chair explosions are really not a concern, if you’re worried and want to gain peace of mind, the best thing would be to make sure that you have the perfect gaming chair for yourself.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that you should be looking for, in an ideal gaming chair if you’re looking to avoid gaming chair explosions or something that occurs much commonly – wearing out.

Get Your Chair from a Reputable Brand

The best way to deal with all of your concerns is to buy your gaming chair from a reputable brand. This is because the quality of the chair along with the safety regulations and build is going to be perfectly monitored for user convenience.

At the same time, there will be no cutting corners or skipping on quality build materials to cut production costs and make excessive profits. So, the best way of keeping your doubts away and getting a good chair is to buy from a reputable gaming chair manufacturer.

Change Seat if gas problems occur

You may have already been using a gaming chair and never had even thought about the gas cylinder seat adjustment mechanism. Well, that’s because good quality gaming and desk chairs do not require users to interact with the internals of the build.

But in case of an error or problem with the gas cylinder and the height adjustment working, you should either get the gas cylinder replaced or just replace the entire chair. This will allow you to sit comfortably on the chair without any hesitation or concerns.

Buy a Comfortable Chair

This is more general advice in my opinion. The thing about gaming chairs is that they’re meant for you to sit on them for hours upon hours without any stress or discomfort.

That’s only possible if the gaming chair you buy is completely ergonomic and comfortable to sit on. So, before you get a gaming chair for yourself, you’ve got to make sure that the chair is comfortable, the material feels nice and the overall quality of the chair is epic.

Use the chair appropriately

Various channels on YouTube and other platforms show you bloopers and experimental videos where gaming and office chairs are exploding with high impact weights being put on them.

Well, that’s not a concern because, in usual circumstances, chairs are not designed for this kind of activity. All you need to do in order to keep yourself and your equipment safe is use the chair appropriately without using any abnormal or weird ways of utilizing it.

Don’t panic

The most important thing of all is to not panic. If you take this thought to your mind and keep thinking about it, you’re going to feel anxiety and you won’t be able to sit on even the comfiest chairs.

That’s why what you need to do is to stay calm. Once you take it easy, things will tend to get better. You’ll feel much more relieved and trust me, your chair will be incredibly safe and comfy.

Should You Be Concerned about your Gaming or Office Chair Exploding?

The million-dollar question is, should you be concerned about your gaming chair exploding and opt for a standard wooden chair? No, you most definitely don’t need to be worried about any sort of gaming chair explosion.

Due to the strict regulations and quality assurances, desk chairs, and especially high-quality gaming chairs are built from the bottom up with such safety measures that there are no chances of any irregularities in them.

The cases of exploding chairs are one in a billion and that too occurred because of cheap low-quality adjustment measures being taken by certain companies. That’s why you should not be concerned about your gaming chair exploding.


Gaming chairs are the heart and soul of immersive gaming. They’re extremely comfortable and provide hours of rest and ease to the players who want to spend their time gaming. 

For gamers, gas cylinder explosions should not be a concern. Instead, you should be focusing on the comfort, quality, and incredible designs of the gaming chair. I hope that you have the best time ever in your gaming sessions.

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