XVX M84 Wireless/Wired Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review

If you love artistically designed keyboards to pair with a colorful computer setup, then you’re definitely going to be thrilled about the XVX M84 Wireless/Wired Compact Keyboard.

You might be wondering, is the XVX M84 worth it or is it just another run-of-the-mill overpriced keyboard? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place because that’s what I’m here to tell you.

In this article, we will look at the keyboard’s design and build, features and specs, connectivity, pros and cons, and everything in between. So, this is basically going to be a thorough review to help you make an informed decision.

So, without wasting any time, let’s get started with this review.

XVX M84 Wireless/Wired Compact Mechanical Keyboard Review

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XVX M84 Compact Keyboard

The XVX M84 Compact 75% Keyboard is a 75% layout keyboard as it’s clear from its name. It has a compact frame and a total of 84 keys – all packed in a high-quality design, RGB lighting, and tons of other capabilities. All this for a very decent price for that matter.

Recently this keyboard has been getting some unbelievable popularity that it very much so deserved because of the design alone. So, naturally, I wanted to review it and I got one for myself as well so I could make your final buying decision much easier and cut you all some slack.

What’s in the Box?

The package arrived a couple of days ago so I rushed to open it. The packaging and the design on the box were pretty impressive and quite matching with the coral theme that the keyboard comes with.

Upon opening the box of the XVX M84 Compact Keyboard, here are the inclusions and contents that I found inside:

  • XVX M84 Compact Mechanical Keyboard
  • 1* USB Type-c cable
  • Instructional Manuals
  • Keycap Puller
  • Switch Puller

For the price that this keyboard comes, I believe that the inclusions are quite justified, so we can safely say that we’ve started off on the right foot with the XVX M84 mechanical keyboard.

High-quality Design and Solid Build

Taking the keyboard out of its packaging, I was immediately stunned by the design and the quality of the keyboard itself. The keyboard, despite being very compact is very firm and sturdy.

The coral theme design is very symmetrical and feels like it extends from the back of the keyboard into the keycaps and it is a whole vibe. The art itself is really fantastic which is great.

Under the keyboard, there is a small space for the Wi-Fi receiver, in front of it is the USB type-c port, and there are also non-adjustable rubber feet under the keyboard for support.

The overall build of the keyboard is quite durable and strong. You can expect this keyboard to be there for you in the thick of it. Both the design and the build are really high-quality.

Amazing RGB Lighting

Another really cool feature in the XVX M84 that I was pleasantly surprised to see was the detailed RGB lighting inclusion. With the stunning RGB lighting, the artistic design really gets highlighted.

The great thing about the RGB lighting is that you can completely customize it any way you want with the software tool that comes with this keyboard and you can set individual key RGB and create patterns if you want to.

Overall, the lighting game of this keyboard is quite strong, and we can definitely say that the RGB lighting in this keyboard is one of the many strong suits that it has in it.

Keycap Feel and Gateron Yellow Switches

The printing on the keycap is quite subtle and the font style is very matching with the theme. When you press the PBT keycaps, the feeling is really nice and you want to keep pressing them.

Under the keycaps, the switches that I got were Gateron Yellow ones. These are great for people who enjoy using linear mechanical switches and the quality of these is pretty good as well.

With a total actuation force requirement of 50g and a travel distance of 4.0mm, this is one of the best linear switches available in the market. So, the keycaps and the key switches under them are really high-quality and definitely contribute to the overall amazingness and premium quality of the XVX M84 keyboard.

Dual Connectivity

A really great thing about the XVX M84 Compact Mechanical Keyboard is that it comes with dual connectivity options. This means that you can choose between wireless and wired mode on this keyboard.

Natively, it is a wireless keyboard and you’re going to be able to find the Wi-Fi receiver on the bottom of the keyboard in a secure space. You can use it to connect to the keyboard and use it wirelessly for quite a while.

The keyboard can be recharged with the help of the generic USB Type-c cable that comes with it. However, you can also choose to use the keyboard while it is on charge by simply turning the switch under the keyboard from wireless mode to wired mode. So, both these options are really impressive and make for a good overall user experience.

Features and Specs

This keyboard comes packed with a ton of features and great specs that you definitely need to check out. Let’s take a look at some of them and see what this keyboard has to offer.

  • N-key Rollover – The XVX M84 Compact Mechanical Keyboard comes with N-key rollover. This means that you can press as many keys on the keyboard as you want at the same time and each of them will register without any of them getting ghosted.
  • PBT Keycaps – Another really impressive feature is the fact that this keyboard comes with high-quality PBT keycaps. These keycaps feel amazingly good to touch and the printing on them along with the artistic design is pretty incredible as well.
  • 1850mAh Battery – This mechanical keyboard comes with a full-fledge battery of 1850mAh power, which means that it is going to last quite a long on a single charge. Also, in just 4 hours, it can go from zero to full charge so you can use it for a long time to come, which is great.
  • RGB Lighting – The XVX M84 Mechanical Keyboard comes equipped with high-quality RGB lighting and the best thing about it is that it is completely customizable to the point where you can change the patterns and colors of each of the keys according to your liking.
  • Ergonomic Layout – The XVX keycap layout, as well as the rubber feet under the keyboard, definitely make for a very comfortable and ergonomic experience. The XVX M84 is known for offering a high-quality ergonomic experience to all its users.
  • Programmability – One of the best features of this keyboard is that it allows full and complete programmability of all the 84 functional keys on the keyboard and also allows you to form macros if your work or activities on the computer require them.

Pros and Cons

Before you end up buying this keyboard, it is important that you take a look at some of the pros and cons that it comes with. Let’s check out this keyboard’s advantages and disadvantages briefly.

Pros and Cons

Stunning Design – One of the best things about the XVX M84 keyboard is the high-quality design that it comes with. The coral theme, the fonts, the art, on the front and the back of the keyboard, the keycap theme, and everything are beyond amazing, making the design quite a stunning addition to your computer setup.Cable Quality is sub-par – The cable that comes with this keyboard is actually pretty generic. It isn’t anything special and doesn’t have quite a long length either, so we can say that getting a custom cable will be an ideal solution for this problem.
Durable Build – Without a doubt, we can say that the build of the XVX M84 Compact Mechanical Keyboard is quite durable. The frame itself as well as the switches and the keycaps are super high-quality, and thus, it will last for quite a long time to come.
Great Value – Another super cool thing about the XVX M84 keyboard is that despite having tons of epic features and a lot of great specs, the price point of this keyboard isn’t as much as some of the so-called premium keyboards that are available in the market.
Complete Customizability – With the help of the software tool that comes with the XVX M84 mechanical keyboard, you can customize your keyboard’s RGB, program different keys, assign macros, and basically do whatever you think. This customizability adds a layer of amazingness to this keyboard.

Is the XVX M84 Compact Keyboard Worth it?

The million-dollar question at the end of the day is, is the XVX M84 Compact Keyboard worth the price? Well, yes, it most certainly is. It comes for a relatively decent price if we compare it to some of the other mechanical keyboard options in the market. Plus, add all the great features, beautiful coral pattern design, and visual aesthetics, and the XVX M84 is truly a marvelous piece of equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot of people tend to ask questions about the XVX M84 Mechanical Keyboard, but I couldn’t see good answers. That’s why I’ve decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this keyboard.

Q. Is the XVX M84 Hot Swappable?

A. Yes, the XVX M84 Mechanical Keyboard is completely hot-swappable and has support for 3-pin and 5-pin switches, making it perfectly suitable for many different kinds of switches that you can choose depending upon your style of usage and requirement.

Q. Does the XVX M84 work on the PS5?

A. The XVX M84 Keyboard works on the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X and previous models of both the consoles. You can use this keyboard for navigation, typing, and much more as well.

Q. Do I have to buy a Wi-Fi receiver with the M84?

A. No, you don’t have to separately buy a Wi-Fi receiver with the M84 keyboard when you’re getting it. That’s simply because of the fact that this keyboard comes equipped with a USB receiver that can be used to make it work wirelessly.


The XVX M84 Compact Keyboard is definitely a very good option if you’re looking for a decent artisan keyboard for a mid-range price. It offers amazing value, good features, and epic visuals, and it makes for a wonderful addition to your overall computer setup.

The keyboard comes with a number of attractive features like N-key rollover, ergonomic keycap design, and impressive battery life when it is used wirelessly. Go for it if you like out-of-the-ordinary keyboards and something that will truly reflect your personality.

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