Do Pawn Shops Buy Keyboards? | Selling Guide

We’ve all faced a situation where we’ve bought a brand-new keyboard, and the old one is completely ignored like an outcast. There’s no future for your old yet completely functional and high-quality keyboard sitting in your closet. Selling it to a Pawn Shop for a decent sum of money is the right way to move forward.

You might be wondering, do pawn shops even buy computer keyboards, and if they do, how to sell to them? Well, these are the questions I’m here to answer today.

In this article, I’m going to talk about Pawnshops, how they work, selling and pawning electronics to pawn shops, and exactly how you can effectively sell your older keyboards and even other computer accessories to pawn shops and make a good amount of money instead of wasting things. So, make sure you read this article till the end.

Do Pawn Shops Buy Keyboards Selling Guide

How do Pawn Shops work?

Pawnshops are basically shops where you can either pawn or sell an item of your belonging. Pawning means to give your ownership of a material for a specific time period to a pawn shop as security in exchange for some money which you would then have to return to get the material back.

These shops are most popular because of the pawning aspects, but there’s also the option to sell things. From Cable TV to your local nearby areas, pawn shops can be found anywhere, and if you’re a smart individual, you’d definitely take things you don’t use or need to a pawn shop to make sure you don’t waste them.

Are Electronics Good for Pawn Shops?

When it comes to actually pawning or selling your products, the best items to take to a pawn shop are jewelry and electronics. Of course, there are also prized historic possessions or heirlooms that you can sell at a Pawnshop, but it’s better kept in the house if there’s sentimental value to it.

As I was saying, electronics are one of the best things to pawn or sell to a pawn shop. If you’re still foggy as to what I’m referring to as Electronics, let’s take a good look:

  • Computers – If you’ve recently got a computer and you have an old one that you want to reduce your damages through, pawning or selling it to the pawn shop near you would be a good decision.
  • Laptops – Laptops also work the same way. In fact, they sell better than bigger-sized heavy-duty computers. Moreover, you can sell them for reasonable prices depending upon their architecture in a pawn shop.
  • Accessories – Electronic accessories and especially computer accessories like a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, wifi module, and other things sell pretty well. You can get the best deals if you’re experienced with pawning and selling used items.
  • Machines – Other electronic devices like power tools, exercising machines, kitchen electronics, among a lot of other options, are also incredible things you can sell pretty well if you take to a pawn shop.

How to Effectively Sell a Keyboard to a Pawn Shop

The real question, however, is, do pawn shops buy keyboards? The answer is a clear-cut yes! Pawnshops really find things like jewelry, musical instruments, and electronics highly resaleable, which is why they prefer to make deals on these products.

But knowing the art of selling a keyboard is incredibly important if you want to make a good sum of money for your used keyboard, especially if it was a mechanical one. So to help you get the best deals, here’s a step-by-step selling guide for selling a keyboard to a pawn shop:

1. Check the functionality and the Cables of the Keyboard.

First of all, you’re going to take your keyboard and check if it is working. If it is functional, you’re going to check the cables if they have any wear and tear on them, which can cause issues in the long run. If everything seems handy dandy, you’re going to clean it up and make sure it is in a presentable and sellable condition.

2. Find all the Manuals and Pack Them Decently In The Box

Now that you’ve cleaned up your keyboard, you need to prepare it to be sold to the pawnshop. First, make sure you find all the packing materials, manuals, and components that the keyboard came with. Once you’ve found all these things, pack them in the box that the keyboard came in. All these preparations will increase the sale price and bring you more money which is pretty cool.

3. Ask the Shop Keepers to Check the Working of the Keyboard

Once you’ve brought the keyboard to the pawnshop, it is testing time. Always check the functionality of any product in general, especially your keyboard, when you’re selling it to a pawn shop. Ask the shopkeeper to check if the keyboard is working fine, make sure it is, and only then will you continue dealing with the pawnshop.

4. Bargain and cut a Decent Deal

Pawnshop owners are incredibly skilled when it comes to dealing with customers. That’s why they’re making so much profit. Make sure you have your game face ready before you head there. You need to listen to their price and give them a counter price until you both reach the middle and you’re satisfied with what you’re getting. Once that happens, you need to shake on it and take the deal.


Keyboards are useful even if you’re not going to use them with your computer. All you need to know is how to use it. Selling it to a pawn shop if you don’t need it is the best way to deal with it. Make sure you follow all the steps that I’ve mentioned and don’t skip any. I’m sure you’ll be able to get a great deal, make some money, and have more space for other things in your room. Have a great keyboarding experience!

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