Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad Review


Whether you’re looking to get a few extra keys for your gaming sessions or you’re looking to perform high-quality continuous data entry, typing, and calculation work, a mechanical Numpad can be a treat if you find the right one. Today, we’ve got a thing of beauty to review – the Topre Realforce 23U.

You might be wondering, what’s the Topre Realforce 23U, how does it work, is it good or not? Well, no need to worry because I’m here to answer all of your questions.

This article will talk about the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad, its design and build, its features, pros and cons, and everything in between. So, before you make a buying decision, make sure you read this article till the very end.

Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad Review
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What’s in the box?

Upon ordering, the box and the Numpad both looked pretty incredible. When the box arrived, it looked promising; upon opening, I was satisfied with the packaging and immediately dug in for the 23U. The color I chose for the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad was Black. Here’s what I was able to find when I opened the box of the Numpad:

  • The Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad
  • USB Power Cable Attached
  • Set of Instructional Manuals for the operation of the Numpad.

Other than that, there wasn’t anything surprising that you’d expect at such a large price range. But what it might lack visually, the Realforce 23U gives back in terms of feel and build.

Topre Realforce 23U Design and Build Quality

The Topre Realforce 23U is a high-quality 23 key compact form-factor device with a rectangular design with sharp edges. There’s an ergonomic incline on the upper side of the back of the Numpad, giving it a stylish look.

There are also 4 rubber feet under the device that help keep the Numpad in a solid position, not being affected by sliding or clicking on the computer table, and there’s also an angle-adjusting retractable foot.

The 23U mechanical Numpad has an aluminum back frame that is quite durable and solid and allows you to keep using the product for a long time because of its strength and capability.

Overall, the design and the build quality of the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad are both flawless and incredible, finely crafted, and are surely the better features of this product which is exactly what we deserve to get for such a high price.

Amazing PBT Keycaps and Dye Sub Legend Imprints

High-priced as the Topre Realforce 23U is, it had to have incredible keycaps and legend imprints. Well, you’re going to be happy to know that it really does.

When it comes to the keycaps of this Numpad, they’re high-quality PBT plastic which is the best in the business as of now in terms of keycap technology and feels really smooth if you brush your fingers over them.

Taking a look at the imprinting on the keycaps, they’ve used the Dye Sub imprinting technique, which allows for better color mixtures, engraved-imprinting, and fade-resistant legends that look and feel amazing on the keycaps. 

So, when it comes to the keycaps and the prints, the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad is a classic. But that’s not it when it comes to the luxury that it gives the users.

Topre Tactile Capacitive Mechanical Key Switches

In my opinion, what really makes the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad shine like a diamond are the cream of the crop Topre 45g Tactile Electrostatic Capacitive Mechanical Key switches they sport.

These switches feel like rubber dome switches upon actuation but give the high-quality tactile feedback you’d expect from a Cherry MX Mechanical Switch, i.e., they’re the complete package.

The tactility when it comes to these switches is amazing. The responsiveness is fantastic, and the actuation is high. In fact, what makes these switches even greater for typing and continuous tapping, is the low 45g actuation weight required to press them.

The keypress on these key switches is incredibly smooth as well. One big problem is the lack of durability when Topre Capacitive switches with only 30 million keystrokes warranty. 

2.5 Feet Insulated USB Power Cable

The Power Cable that the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad uses is a USB cable. It is a very high-quality insulated cable that keeps the device safe from any electrical discharge.

But when it comes to the length of the cord, it is another problem with this product. The Topre Realforce 23U comes with a small 2.5 feet power cable that isn’t ideal if your port is away from your desk. This means there will be tugging and struggling, which isn’t ideal when you’re using a compact Numpad.

Pros and Cons of the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad

We know about the design and the build quality of Realforce 23U but what you ought to know is that it comes with a bundle of great features. While this device comes with many pros and benefits, like every other thing in the world, it isn’t perfect either.

Here are some major features as well as a few problems that you might want to take a look at before you buy the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad for your work and gaming use:

Capacitive Mechanical Switches – The first and foremost feature of the Topre Realforce 23U are the high-quality incredible capacitive mechanical switches used in it. They’re low in acoustics, high in tactility, responsiveness, and keypress smoothness, so they’re the perfect choice for this Numpad.Short Power Cord – One of the things that make me feel bad about this mechanical Numpad is the short power cord. They really shouldn’t have skipped out on it. The short power cable makes ergonomic angling and usage quite difficult.
6-Key Rollover – If you’re thinking of using multiple keys simultaneously and you’re worried about key ghosting, don’t worry because this Numpad comes with a high-quality 6-key rollover feature that allows you to press and register 6 keys at the same time without a problem.Fewer Keystrokes – The capacitive key switches might be great. Still, they’re not as durable and strong as Cherry MX switches and typically come with only a 30 million keystroke warranty when it comes to durability.
Dip Switches – The keypad is full of surprises if you flip it over. There are 4 dip switches on the back of the product, and you can completely customize the mapping of the keys and their functions using these dip switches if you want to.No RGB – This might seem like overkill, but when I’m spending $100 plus on a Numpad, I’d want to see shiny RGB on it, so this is also a problem, in my opinion.
23 Dedicated Keys – Typically, in mechanical Numpads, you often see 18-21 keys; however, the Topre Realforce 23U lives up to the name and offers 23 dedicated keys with secondary features, the Num Lock, key and the dip switches.
Compact and Durable Design – The Realforce 23U keypad is a small form-factor Numpad that comes with a strong aluminum frame that can last for quite a long while and is very durable and incredibly strong.

Topre Realforce 23U vs Jelly Comb vs Cherry G84-4700

If we take a look at this Numpad on its own, it is a pretty great contender and a great product all-in-all, but how does it fare when pitted against some of the best mechanical Numpads in the market, i.e., Jelly Comb Mechanical Numpad and the Cherry G84-4700? Let’s find out.

When compared to the Jelly Comb Mechanical Numpad, the Topre Realforce 23U has a better design, quality, keycaps, and switches when you talk about typing right off the bat. But if you take a look at the value of the Jelly Comb, it’s surely a winner, in my opinion.

But if you compare the 23U with the Cherry G84-4700, without a doubt the Realforce 23U is the winner even though it is quite expensive, the value of the features included in this device is much more superior than the Cherry counterpart.

Is the Topre Realforce 23U worth the price?

Finally, the million-dollar question arises, is the Topre Realforce 23U Mechanical Numpad worth its super-expensive over $100 price tag? Well, yes, I certainly believe so. The simple reason for this is that this product is meant as a luxury investment. It has everything you’d want in a typing-forward incredibly crafted mechanical Numpad, so if you’re a niche computer user, it will be a great buy for you.

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The Topre Realforce 23U is a mechanical Numpad with a lot of singable praises. And it’s superb for typists and data-entry professionals, even gamers, to some extent. But it’s a luxury Numpad. If you’ve got the funds for it, sure, get it. The product comes loaded with a number of impressive features, so you won’t be disappointed for sure.   

Still, if you’re on the low end of the budget, then I’ll suggest that you go for the Jelly Comb Mechanical Numpad or the ABKO K522 mechanical keyboard for an amazing all-around valuable mechanical Numpad experience.

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