Qisan MagicForce 68 Keyboard Review


Finding the perfect 65% compact mechanical keyboard great for typing, working, and playing games can be pretty hard, especially if you’ve got a low budget. But it offers a ray of hope for keyboard enthusiasts looking to spend little and get their money’s worth in the form of this keyboard.

You might be wondering, is the Qisan MagicForce 68 a good keyboard for its price, and does it have great features? Well, those are the questions I am here to answer.

This article will discuss the Qisan MagicForce 68, how it works, the design, build quality, features, pros and cons, and everything in between. So, make sure you read this article till the very end before you make a final buying decision.

Qisan MagicForce 68 Keyboard Review
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What’s in the Box?

I ordered the Qisan MagicForce 68 in white color because it looked plain gorgeous, and upon arrival, I was pretty happy with the packaging and the wrapping of the keyboard even though it costs so minimal. Here’s what I found inside the box of the keyboard:

  • Qisan MagicForce 68 Keyboard
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Instruction Manuals

I expected to see the keycap puller that used to be included, but now it’s not there. It did make me feel a bit disappointed, but then I looked at the keyboard, and all the disappointment went away. 

Design and Build Quality

The Qisan MagicForce 68 Mechanical Keyboard is a 65% compact keyboard with 68 keys, including the arrow keys and a few extra function keys, which all come in a petite form-factor frame.

There’s no excessive branding or frame space on the keyboard, and you’re going to see the MagicForce logo only between the arrow keys and the function keys, so that’s pretty decent.

The shape of the keyboard is pretty dope as well. The layout is quite ergonomic and raised to feel natural and comforting to the user. On the back, there are 4 rubber feet, a small cable routing functionality, and two adjustable ergonomic kicks as well if you want to use them.

The build quality of the keyboard is pretty incredible as well. The top plate is made of aluminum, while the backplate is made of thick plastic, so there’s no bend at all, and it is durable enough to last quite a long time even though it comes at a cool and affordable price.

Overall, the design and the build quality of the Qisan MagicForce 68 are both pretty great and work well for me. They’re more than I’d expect for such an amazing deal.

High-quality PBT Keycaps and Sublimation Legends

If we take a look at the keycaps of the Qisan MagicForce 68, there’s more to cherish. The keycaps are made of high-quality PBT material, which is quite surprising to see in a keyboard of this cost.

And to build upon the happiness, the legend imprinting is done using the dye sublimation process. This means the prints are fade-resistant, and that’s great for typists who want to press the same keycaps again and again.

But one thing that isn’t great is that the legend imprints are light grey, and on a white keyboard, they can be a little difficult to see if you’re working in dim light since there are no LEDs or anything.

But I’ll still say that the PBT keycaps and the sublimation legends are both great, in my opinion. So, even in this regard, the Qisan MagicForce 68 is a force to be reckoned with.

Cheap but Effective Outemu Brown Mechanical Switches

If you don’t expect the mechanical switches to be high-quality, you’re in for a treat. The Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard uses pretty great but cheaper in terms of price Outemu Brown Mechanical switches are known to be great clones of Cherry MX browns.

These switches are tactile in nature and work incredibly well. With an actuation force of only 55cN required, the Outemu Brown switches offer a decent amount of tactile feedback while being low in loudness which is great for gaming and typing.

The feel of the keypress is pretty smooth, and with just slight tactile feedback, the Qisan MagicForce 68 is going to offer quite a punch when it comes to the switch quality.

5.1 Feet Well Insulated Micro USB Power Cable

This keyboard uses a Micro USB cable. The cable is well insulated and complements the overall white look very well, which is great for all you white computer setup owners.

The length of the Qisan MagicForce 68 cable is 5.1 feet long and poses no problem to users who like to keep a distance from their USB port. You won’t face any tugging or struggling with the Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard.

Pros and Cons of the Qisan MagicForce 68

The Qisan MagicForce 68 is loaded with amazing features in such a compact design. However, I will admit, no keyboard comes without its flaws. To help you make a more educated purchase decision, let’s take a look at a few pros and cons that come with this keyboard:

Outemu Brown Mechanical Switches – The Outemu brown mechanical switches are pretty great as the Cherry MX browns clones. They offer decent tactility and good durability, especially for the low price of this keyboard.No Keycap Puller – There’s no included keycap puller in the box of the Qisan MagicForce 68 when you order it. It’s quite a huge bummer if you want to replace the keycaps safely.
Compactness – The keyboard comes with 68 overall keys with a lot of functionality but comes with no extra headspace or free frame space, which makes it quite compact, slim, good-looking, and easily fixable on your computer desk.No LED Lighting – One problem I faced was that the Qisan MagicForce 68 comes with very light printed legends which aren’t quite visible in dim light, which could’ve been avoided if there was LED backlighting.
Secondary Functions – There isn’t the function row in this keyboard since it’s a 65% keyboard, but the good thing is that the secondary functions of the numeric row on the Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard offer F keys from F1 to F12, which is a great feature.Key Rattle – When you press the keys, you experience a slight key rattle, and I guess that’s because of the Outemu switches, but overall, it’s not a great sign for the keyboard.
Multimedia Functions – You thought multimedia functions were only available in full-sized keyboards? Well, the Qisan MagicForce 68 introduces secondary multimedia keys on the bottom alphanumeric key row with a lot of options to choose from.
Extra keys – Being a 65% keyboard rather than the more common 60% keyboard, you get extra keys such as arrow keys, Page Up and Down, Insert, and Delete keys. This increases the overall functionality of the keyboard.
Detachable USB Cable – The great thing about this keyboard is that you’re not going to replace the entire keyboard if the cable becomes faulty. This keyboard comes with a detachable USB cable that you can replace whenever it stops working.

Qisan MagicForce 68 vs HyperX Alloy Origins vs Razer Hunstman Mini

On its own, the Qisan MagicForce 68 is quite a beast for the price that it comes for, but how does it fare against top 65% keyboards from other front-runner brands like HyperX and Razer? Let’s compare this keyboard with them to see what it has to offer.

If we compare the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 with the MagicForce 68, there are fewer functional keys, the price is way more, and the functionality isn’t as much as the latter. Hence, the clear winner, in my opinion, is the Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard.

Comparing it to the Razer Huntsman Mini, we see a few demerits. Especially when it comes to the quality of mechanical switches, the Huntsman Mini is way better than the MagicForce 68. However, if we compare functionality and price, I’d say the MagicForce 68 takes the cake by a longshot, so if you’re getting it, you’re surely heading in the right direction.

Is the Qisan MagicForce 68 worth it?

The moment of truth, is the Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard really worth the hype and the money it comes for? You might be wondering. Well, in my opinion, yes, it surely is.

It has a bundle of features, compact design, good switches, aluminum frame, durability, and everything you’d want in a 65% keyboard. So, getting the Qisan MagicForce 68 will surely be a good decision for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When I googled Qisan MagicForce 68, I saw many questions by the lot of you that were unanswered. So, I took it upon myself and made sure that most of the questions you guys have answered appropriately. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Qisan MagicForce 68 mechanical keyboard:

Does the Qisan MagicForce 68 work with Mac OS?

The Qisan MagicForce 68 works great with the Mac OS. There’s no need for any additional software. It is a plug-and-play keyboard, and you’re going to need to change the key settings according to your OS through any customization software, and you’re all set.

Is the Qisan MagicForce 68 a great keyboard?

The Qisan MagicForce 68 is a wonderful 65% compact mechanical keyboard. This keyboard has a lot going for the delicate price it comes for, so don’t hesitate to buy it.

Are the Qisan MagicForce 68 keycaps replaceable?

The keycaps on the Qisan MagicForce 68 are perfectly replaceable. If you have custom keycaps that complement your desktop setup, go for it, use a keycap puller (not included), and you can replace the keycaps quite easily.

Does the keyboard have multimedia keys?

The Qisan MagicForce 68 has multimedia keys, but not dedicated ones. There are secondary multimedia keys on the keyboard which is great for a 65% keyboard. You can make great use of them by holding the FN key.

Is the Qisan MagicForce 68 compatible with the PS4 or Xbox One?

Since the keyboard uses a USB port and cable, it can be connected to the PS4, Xbox One, and other USB ports having gaming consoles. It should be simple plug-and-play. There have been no reports of any connection issues.


Many people are curious about the features and functionality the Qisan MagicForce 68 keyboard offer. That is why I composed this post not just to answer their questions but also to review this device and see if it’s for you.  

The Qisan MagicForce 68 is quite an impressive keyboard, especially for the affordable and cheap price it comes for. If you’ve got a slim budget and many requirements from a compact mechanical keyboard, then I believe this is the best choice for you. I’m sure that with the Qisan MagicForce 68, you’re going to have a great keyboarding experience!

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