Can Drag Clicking Break Your Mouse?

Drag clicking is a technique to get more mouse clicks in a short span of time. It can be executed by forcefully dragging your finger across the right or left button of the mouse. Some people call it tap clicking, others call it Fazer clicking. Nonetheless, it’s the same technique.  

People use drag clicking in gaming to get more than 20 or 30 CPS (clicks per second). Games like Minecraft and Final Fight that have a player vs. player format require better CPS in order to win. You can benefit from a mouse that can withstand drag clicking in these games.   

However, not all mice are designed to tolerate drag clicking. Ultimately, if you start drag clicking on a normal mouse, it will wear out quickly. That is why people who want to use this feature look for mice specifically designed for drag clicking.

So, let’s find out if you can use drag clicking on a normal mouse without ruining it and what features make a mouse good for drag clicking.

Can Drag Clicking Break Your Mouse?

Can Drag Clicking Break Your Mouse?

Depending on how often or frequently you practice drag clicking and the quality and built of your mouse, drag clicking can contribute to a mouse wearing out quickly.

Drag clicking can particularly ruin mice that do not come with durable and high-quality switches. Moreover, if you don’t have a good grip on the mouse, you may ruin it by trying to drag click in vain.

A regular mouse that doesn’t come with advanced features will stop working within a few months after you consistently drag click with it. If, however, you already have a gaming mouse designed specifically for higher CPS and pressurized movements, you can practice drag clicking without the fear of ruining it.  

Drag clicking creates friction between the button and your skin, which is sensed as continuous vibrations by the mouse switch. As a result, the mouse registers these vibrations as “clicks” while in reality you are using dragging your finger across the switch. If you do this frequently and consistently, you may damage the dynamics of a mouse switch and hence render it useless.

You should know that this technique, although useful in certain games like Roblox, Minecraft, and Clicker Heroes puts stress on a mouse. So, unless your mouse is specifically designed to handle this stress, it will eventually break it.   

The Best Mouse for Drag Clicking

Gamers would recommend a few mice specifically great for drag clicking (although not made for this purpose) based on their experience. Typically, these mice come with robust switches and have a matte finish so that your hand won’t slip while practicing drag clicking.

You can also look for a compatible mouse by looking at its features, especially an optical magnetic switch system and textured matte finishing. Another feature that may help to support drag clicking is adjustable weight. Logitech G502 Hero comes with five 0.127-ounce weight bars that can be attached to the mouse for a better grip and ultimately better performance.  

The Razer Deathadder Elite is another gaming mouse that has gained popularity among the pro gamers due to its custom-made mechanical switches that offer rigorous CPS with drag clicking. Another plus point is its matte surface, which offers improved grip and makes drag clicking possible.

If you’re looking for an economical mouse that will offer drag clicking along with many other attractive features for gaming, go for the Cooler Master MM710 mouse. Its lightweight, honeycomb design and matte finish make it an ideal choice for massive CPS while playing FPS or PVP games.              

Do You Need to Practice Drag Clicking?

Drag clicking is not very difficult especially if you know how to position your hand correctly on the mouse. With practice, you can easily master this skill. You have to make sure that you don’t lose grip of the mouse whether it’s because of the glossy surface or sweat on your hands.

If you know the correct way to perform this technique, you will also be able to increase the lifespan of a mouse. A tremendously high CPS is considered a suspicious activity in certain games. While drag clicking itself is not illegal or disallowed, you can get banned from certain games if you demonstrate unrealistic CPS using drag clicking.

How to Drag Click the Right Way

One way to make sure you don’t end up damaging or breaking your mouse with drag clicking is to perform it correctly. So, here are a few tips to ensure you drag click the right way and are able to record the best CPS while playing your favorite games.

Choose a Good Mouse Pad

A mouse pad that offers a good grip on your mouse would be ideal for drag clicking. A matte surface would go a long way in ensuring that your mouse stays in its place while you drag click. If the surface is too smooth, you will end up having the mouse slide too far, thereby, affecting your CPS.

Get an Advanced Gaming Mouse

This can’t be stressed enough because, without a good-quality gaming mouse, drag clicking would be virtually impossible. Even if you do try the technique on a regular mouse, you will not only be unsuccessful but also end up ruining the mouse within a few days.

We have already seen a few gaming mice that have been rated for excellent drag clicking capabilities. You can also choose any other gaming mouse, which is lightweight, has a matte and grippy surface, and comes with high-quality switches.

Clean Mouse Surface Before Entering a Game

To make sure you drag click the right way, your mouse surface should be clean from any dust, oil, and grime. Washing and drying your hands can also ensure a good grip on the mouse for proper and efficient drag clicking. Make sure your hand is not sweaty before you enter a game.

Properly Grip the Mouse

A good grip on the mouse can ensure optimal drag clicking results. You should grip the mouse such that your thumb is on the left side and your little finger is on the right side. Your index finger should be directly above the left mouse button and the middle finger on the right switch.

Position Your Wrist Comfortably

To make sure that you are able to glide your fingertips securely and effortlessly over the switches, it is important to position the wrist comfortably. There are mouse pads out there that offer wrist support or extra cushioning so you can rest your wrist properly while using the mouse.

You can get one of these mouse pads to correctly practice drag clicking and make sure you get optimal CPS. It is recommended to flick your wrist just slightly when you want to practice drag clicking.  

Don’t Press Too Hard

If you have come this far, you are already in a good position to practice drag clicking effortlessly. Just make sure you don’t press too hard on the button; simply glide your finger while pressing down gently towards the front of the mouse.

If you hear a grinding sound while pressing down and gliding your finger, rest assured that you are doing it right. You will also notice a slight vibration as you start dragging your finger across the button.

Use an Online Tool

If you’re unable to verify your drag click CPS, you can use an online tool to record your clicks per second. Simply search for “mouse click counter” on Google and you will get a number of tools. Click Speed Test and are two of the most popular ones.      

Make sure you don’t end up registering too many clicks per second because that will be considered cheating in most games and may get you banned. You can use one of the tools above to practice optimal CPS and something that will be seen as a suspicious activity.      


Drag clicking is a popular technique that gamers use to register more clicks per second. If you have the right mouse for the purpose, you can even record 30 CPS, which is quite impressive. However, not every mouse is designed for this rather notorious, although not illegal, technique.

There are mice that are considered good for drag clicking because of their features. A lightweight design and a matte surface that offers a good grip along with high-quality switches capable of withstanding the stress of drag clicking are features that you must look for in a gaming mouse particularly if you want to practice drag clicking.

If you start drag clicking too frequently or have a mouse with low-quality switches, you will end up ruining your device. Particularly if it’s a regular budget mouse, you can easily damage it if you practice drag clicking frequently.

Be aware that certain online games will ban you if you have a massively high CPS. So, drag click only when it will give you the advantage over other players and use the right technique and the right mouse for this purpose.     

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