What is a Vertical Keyboard? Vertical Keyboard Position Explained

If you’re a PC gamer or a typist, sitting in front of the computer and using the keyboard for long periods of time is an everyday activity for you. However, to make sure your finger position remains ergonomic and doesn’t cause concerns for the future, adopting a vertical position or getting a vertical keyboard can be a good option for you.

You might be wondering, what is a vertical keyboard, and how do I use the vertical position? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place because that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you.

In this article, I’m going to talk about vertical keyboards, their usage, benefits, and how precisely you can adopt a vertical keyboarding position with your standard horizontal keyboard as well. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with this guide.

What is a Vertical Keyboard Vertical Keyboard Position Explained

What is a Vertical Keyboard?

A vertical keyboard is a fixed or adjustable keyboard that consists of two separate sections standing upright or vertically with all the keys on either side of it. Some vertical keyboards are designed a little differently with a raised middle section. 

These keyboards are very uncommon because they aren’t very visually aesthetic. Still, in environments where ergonomics is given much importance, like professional office spaces, vertical keyboards are often used.

Vertical keyboards are more expensive than ergonomic keyboards or standard keyboards in comparison, so people usually don’t get them for their setups. However, some people who like unusual things or who are more concerned about the health issues of using a standard keyboard prefer these keyboards 

However, with the increased focus on typing and gaming ergonomics, vertical keyboards and other tools and techniques are becoming quite famous and popular among the typist and gamer community. That’s why I believe you should try them out as well.

How Does a Vertical Keyboard Work?

Vertical keyboards are fairly easy to use. The great thing about them is that they don’t require you to change your normal wrist position to type on the keys of the keyboards.

If a vertical keyboard is fixed, you can type on the keys on the sides of the keyboard according to your typing needs; however, if it is adjustable, that’s great because you can find the perfect angle where you feel the most comfortable typing.

If you’re thinking of how exactly you can use a vertical keyboard, let’s look at the process of typing on them.

  • On the outer sides of the keyboard, there are two sections filled with all the standard keys.
  • You can press the keys on either side with both of your hands.
  • If you have to use a mouse, simply use the other hand to press the required keys on the keyboard.
  • You’ll be able to use your fingers to press more keys on this particular keyboard.

With the help of a vertical keyboard, you’ll be able to type better and conserve your energy as well. So, giving it a chance and checking it out would surely be a good decision.

This is available on Amazon if you happen to be interested.

Problems With Non-ergonomic Keyboard Usage

Well, since we already have horizontal keyboards that work just fine, why should we use a vertical keyboard? However, there are many problems that you might end up facing due to using non-ergonomic keyboards. Let’s take a look at some of the major ones.

  • Unable to work for long periods – When using a non-ergonomic keyboard, the natural hand and wrist position is compromised, making you uncomfortable. You cannot stay in this uncomfortable position for a long time, so you’re less productive than working or playing using such keyboards.
  • Wrist and Hand pain – As we talked about before, there is an uncomfortable and unnecessary kind of wrist twist and roll when you’re using a horizontal keyboard. This unnatural positioning can cause terrible pain, which might halt you from working on the computer for quite a while actually.
  • Long-term Muscular and Joint Disorders – If you’re familiar with muscle diseases and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you must know that non-ergonomic keyboard usage for long periods of time over the course of many years can lead to these diseases over the long run. So, that’s why they should definitely be avoided at all costs.
  • Excessive Space requirement – If you’re using a non-ergonomic horizontal keyboard, you’re going to have to place it on your desk, and it will take a lot of space. If you have a comparatively smaller desk than you require, this excessive space requirement can cause many problems and discomfort for your computing experience.

Vertical Keyboard Position

Not everyone is a fan of the vertical keyboard in the keyboarding community. But that in no way means that those people need to choose a non-ergonomic way of typing and playing on a keyboard.

For the people who aren’t interested in getting an expensive vertical keyboard for the safety of their typing future, there exists a vertical keyboarding position that you can use. Professional gamers and streamers also use this particular gaming style with their keyboard because of how productive, comfortable, and efficient it is to play with.

Well, that must be making you think, what exactly is the Vertical keyboard position? Great question. Let’s take a look at what you have to do to use the vertical keyboarding position.

  • Basically, you can change your horizontal keyboard’s layout and angle it towards the screen a bit. Then, try to use the keyboard and the specific keys you are used to.
  • If you find the keyboard position comfortable, then that’s what you needed to do all along. But if not, you’re going to change the angle further until the keyboard reaches a vertical position rotated by 90 degrees.
  • As a gamer familiar with the WASD keys, you can easily use the keys with this angle. In fact, this position will be more comfortable and better for your keyboarding experience.

By adopting this particular keyboard positioning technique, you’re going to be able to play and type much more productively. So, make sure you test out this position for yourself.

Benefits of Vertical Keyboards

Vertical keyboards are pretty amazing. But before you buy one for yourself, let me tell you all the benefits and advantages that come with using vertical keyboards. First, let’s take a quick look at some of the major benefits of vertical keyboards.

Ergonomic Usage

Ergonomics is a very important factor when it comes to keyboard usage. Without ergonomic keyboards, you might not be able to type efficiently on your computer at all. But with a vertical keyboard, the design is made highly ergonomic so that the keyboard can be used comfortably without any problem. That’s why vertical keyboards are so great.

Increased Productivity

If you’re using a horizontal keyboard, you’re not going to be able to work for long periods of time without breaks, as we spoke before. But using a vertical keyboard, there isn’t going to be any pain or muscle pull that will require you to take excessive breaks, which is why you’ll be able to work efficiently and increase your computing and basic typing productivity.

Less Space Requirement

The great thing about vertical keyboards is that in comparison to horizontal keyboards, they take up a smaller space. So, if you have a small computer desk and you want to save some space for other peripherals, getting a nice vertical keyboard will help you for sure. Plus, it will provide a more ergonomic way of typing too.

Natural Position

We talked about the natural position of the wrists and the hands and fingers. Well, vertical keyboards are designed to respect the natural ergonomic position of your hands. This means that you will be able to type on the vertical keyboard while your arms are in a natural position and aren’t affected or hurt by twisting or rolling the wrists.

High-quality Keyboards

The thing about vertical keyboards is that they’re more expensive than other kinds of keyboards usually. Due to their rarity, they’re often made of premium components and have a very premium look and finish. So, that’s why they’re very high-quality keyboards.


Another great thing about vertical keyboards is the capability that they usually have. This capability is adjustability. Vertical keyboards are quite ergonomic and adjustable as well at times. With adjustability, you can change the angle of your keyboard’s sections to the point where you feel the most comfortable typing and playing on them.


Vertical keyboards are a revolutionary invention in terms of ergonomic keyboard technology. Although a little expensive, this product would definitely make your keyboarding experience much better, and any muscle disorders, pain, and discomfort will be taken away. 

So, with the help of this particular product or using the simple vertical keyboarding position, you’ll be able to be more productive and have a great time doing so. I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you will use this knowledge to make your keyboarding experience better. May you have a great day ahead.

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