Top 5 Best Mice with Optical Switches

Computer mouse technology is forever changing and updating. The most recent lineup of computer mice is known to have optical switches in place of traditional mechanical switches.

But it begs the question, what’s special about optical switches and which mouse makes the best use of said optical switches?

Mice with optical switches are considered good for gaming. However, in some areas, they do not offer any better functionality than traditional mice with mechanical switches. So, knowing the purpose you are using the mouse for is important to change your mouse.

The Top 5 Best Mice with Optical Switches:

  1. Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse
  2. Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse
  3. ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse
  4. Logitech G502 Mouse
  5. Consair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse

In this article, we will look at the benefits optical switch mice have over traditional switches, the top 5 best mice with optical switches, their features, specs, pros and cons, and everything in between.

Keep reading on so you can make the right buying decision for getting a mouse for your computer system.

Top 5 Best Mice with Optical Switches

How Good are Optical Switch Mice?

Optical switches used in modern mice are ones that replace the physical contact for a beam of infrared or laser light that registers a keypress as soon as the beam of light is broken. It is the fastest switch available on the market right now and the most advanced technology as well.

The simple thing that makes optical switch mice much better than traditional switch using computer mice is the fact that the former is capable of allowing unbelievably quick clicks without any kind of de-bounce delay that you typically experience with normal switches.

Furthermore, the optical switch lights are capable of offering speedy registration of the keypress, making sure that you can use this switch for effective professional gaming and other productive work as well. These switches are much better than any other option on the market, and that’s why mice with optical switches are on the better side as well.

How Does An Optical Mouse Work?

Top 5 Best Mice with Optical Switches

Computer MicePrice Comparison
Consair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse$$$$$
ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse$$$$
Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse$$$
Logitech G502 Mouse$$
Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse$
Per Amazon rules, I can’t disclose exact prices. This is a visual representation of the price compared to each other. The more “$” means a higher price comparatively.

Looking for a mouse that comes with high-quality optical switches? Well, to make sure you don’t face a lot of difficulties, I’ve made a list of the top 5 best mice with optical switches on the market right now. Let’s take a look at them and what they have to offer.

5. Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Mouse

When it comes to optical switch mice, Corsair’s high-quality M65 RGB Ultra is one of the best options available in the market. With a stunning design, a set of amazing features, super-fast wireless technology, and precision-based CPI adjustability, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra should definitely be in your checking-out priorities.

Features and Specs

Let’s check out some of the features and specs this mouse is packing.

  • 26000 DPI – The Corsair Marksman optical sensor used in the M65 Ultra provides an amazing 26000 DPI range with adjustability options, 650 IPS tracking, and 50G acceleration making for a smooth and sweet ride when you’re using it.
  • Hyper-fast Wireless Technology – The high-quality Hyper-fast Wireless Technology of the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra mouse allows it to be incredibly responsive with a response time of sub-1ms and 2000Hz hyper-polling as well.
  • Multiple Buttons – Along with the two side click buttons, you’re getting a couple buttons in the middle under the scroll wheel, two buttons on the side, and a bunch of other buttons as well, which are fully programmable and can be set according to your usage requirements.
  • Adjustable Weight – The Corsair M65 RGB Ultra comes with an adjustable center of gravity with weight tuning capability and a set of six small weights that you can add or remove whenever you want to change the overall heft of the mouse depending upon the user’s liking.
  • Omron Optical Switches – With Omron’s high-quality optical switches for the left and right click buttons of the M65 mouse, you can expect top-class performance, fast and precise clicks, and a tactile feel that will enhance your overall mouse usage experience quite a lot.

Pros and Cons

Durability – The famous aluminum anodized material used in the construction of the M65 RGB Ultra makes it a very durable choice that will last you quite a long time.Heavy Mouse – One of the problems of the M65 Ultra is the fact that it is quite a heavy mouse despite the weight reduction and adjustability options being available.
Decent Design – If we talk about the design of this mouse, it is quite contoured and the look of the mouse is pretty decent for both productivity and gaming.Not very compact – Another thing you might not like is that it isn’t very compact in size, which makes it difficult to use for people with smaller hands.
Very High Adjustable DPI – The 26000 DPI, as well as the incremental DPI adjustability, make the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra Gaming Mouse a very impressive choice.
RGB Lighting – With high-quality RGB lighting that can be changed according to the user’s liking, the Corsair M65 RGB Ultra is a pretty stylish mouse for your computer setup without a doubt.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

4. Logitech G502 Mouse

One of the best professional gaming mice that come with optical switches, high sensitivity, RGB lighting, and usability for all kinds of computer requirements is the Logitech G502 Hero Mouse. It’s affordable price and great design make it a very good contender for the top mouse spot.

Features and Specs

Let’s check out some of the features the G502 has.

  • Mechanical Switch Tensioning System – The High-Quality Mechanical Switches in the Logitech G502 comes with a tensioning system that offers pretty impressive tactility to the user on every keypress, which makes the overall mouse usage experience much greater.
  • 25600 DPI – The Logitech G502 Hero Mouse comes with the Hero 25K sensor that offers a max DPI range of around 25600 DPI, which is perfect for all kinds of usage. Whether you’re a casual user, a worker, or a professional gamer, you’ll like this sensor.
  • 11 Programmable Buttons – This amazing gaming mouse comes with a total of 11 programmable buttons, which are completely customizable depending upon the kind of work or game you’re using the mouse for. So, you can set the actions you want on them.
  • Adjustable Weight System – The Logitech G502 Hero Mouse comes with an adjustable weight system that allows you to take out and add 5 small weights on the mouse in different locations to increase or decrease the weight according to your comfort.
  • Programmable RGB Lighting – If we talk about lighting, the Logitech G502 comes with the high-quality RGB lighting that is fully programmable and comes equipped with Lightsync technology as well. The colors are vibrant and the look of the mouse is pretty amazing with the RGB lighting design.

Pros and Cons

Very Durable – The Logitech G502 Hero has a very decent build quality and durability that will keep it going and working well years from when you bought it.Cable is a Bit Stiff – The cable of the G502 is not very soft and easy to handle.
Affordable Price – If we talk about the price of the Logitech G502 Hero Mouse, in comparison to others on this list, it is quite decent and the value is pretty good as well.Large Size – One of the problems of this mouse is that it is quite large in size, which might not be great for individuals with smaller hands.
High Programmability – The programmability of the lighting and the buttons of the mouse is quite high.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

3. ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse

The ROCCAT Kone XP Mouse is a pretty impressive gaming mouse by ROCCAT that comes with premium features, unique inclusions like a 4D Wheel, Phantom flex Cable, a lot of amazing capabilities, and much more as well. So, keeping it on this list is definitely crucial.

Features and Specs

Here are some of the best features and specs of the ROCCAT Kone XP:

  • 4D Wheel – The 4D Wheel comes with left and right lateral inputs, which add a new dimension to the simple vertical scrolling wheel, and the RGB lighting that comes with it also makes it quite amazing in terms of looks.
  • Titan Optical Switches – The Titan Optical Switches used in the ROCCAT Kone XP are amazing and come with a 100-million click lifetime as well as a speed of light actuation, which makes the mouse usage experience pretty amazing.
  • Phantom flex Cable – Have you ever thought of having a wireless experience with a wired cable; Well, the Phantomflex Cable is light, pliable, and soft to the point that it will feel like a wireless mouse which is great about this mouse.
  • 3D RGB Lighting – With 22 LED lights and 8 lighting guides under the translucent shell of the ROCCAT Kone XP, the overall RGB lighting gives a 3D effect, which is quite amazing.
  • PTFE Glides – The heat-treated PTFE guides are pre-tuned and definitely act as one of the game changers in this mouse. They’re responsible for making the experience really impressive.

Pros and Cons

Durable Shell – The shell of the ROCCAT Kone XP is quite thick and durable. The durability of this mouse makes sure that you can keep using it for quite a while.Very Expensive – Even though there are a lot of cool features in this mouse, it is still quite expensive in comparison to the other gaming mice with optical switches in this list.
Lots of Buttons – With a combination of over 15 buttons, you can program and change the assignment of all the buttons to suit your requirement as you want.Not for Left-handed users – The design of the ROCCAT Kone XP is meant for right-handed mouse users, which can be a problem for people who’re left-handed.
Great RGB ­– The 3D RGB lighting used in the design of the ROCCAT Kone XP is pretty impressive. It looks exceptional and increases the overall aesthetics of your computer setup.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

2. Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse

When it comes to affordable mouse options with optical switches, the Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse is right up there with the best of them. It comes with RGB lighting, programmability options, sensitivity adjustment, and much more to offer as well. So, make sure you check it out before you buy one.

Features and Specs

Let’s check out some of the best features and specs of this mouse.

  • 10000 DPI – The Redragon Cobra M711 comes with a max DPI of 10000 as well as multiple single click DPI sensitivities that you can adjust according to your requirement.
  • Ergonomic Structure – If we talk about the structure of the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse, it is the perfect combination of precision and comfort. The design is quite impressive and offers a lot of ergonomic stability.
  • 7 Programmable Buttons – This high-quality mouse comes with a bunch of buttons that can be programmed. To be precise, there are 7 programmable buttons on this mouse, which can be assigned the actions that you want for your requirement whether you’re a gamer or a digital worker.
  • High Compatibility – Another great thing you need to know about the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse is that it is quite compatible with different OSes in use right now. From Windows to Linux, and even Mac OS, you’re going to be able to use this mouse with all kinds of devices.

Pros and Cons

Very Affordable – The Redragon Cobra M711 Mouse is one of the best ones in terms of offering value and the price it comes for is quite affordable.Heavy – In comparison to the other mice that are available in the market, the size of this mouse is large and the total weight is also pretty heavy.
High Quality Build – Despite its low price, the build quality of the Redragon M711 mouse is quite high. It is a very durable mouse that is going to last quite a long time.Sub-Par Cable – The cable that comes with the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse isn’t very high-quality and pliable.
Ambidextrous Design – The design of the Redragon Cobra M711 mouse is ambidextrous, which means that you can use it quite nicely with both hands.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

1. Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse

The most premium optical switch gaming mouse on this list is the Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse. It comes with a super-fast sensor, wireless connectivity, great features, and an amazing design. So, it is well and truly the contender for the top spot of this list of the best optical switch gaming mice.

Features and Specs

Let’s check out the major features and specs of this impressive mouse.

  • Razer Hyperspeed Wireless Technology – With the Razer Hyperspeed Wireless Technology, you can expect tracking and responsiveness that is 25% faster than any other technology in the market right now. So, that’s a really amazing feature of this gaming mouse.
  • 20K DPI Sensor – The patented Razer optical sensor offers a maximum DPI range of up to 20K. You can change the DPI of the mouse with a single click as there are incremental gaps of DPI that you can choose between as long as they’re comfortable for your usage.
  • Ambidextrous Design – The Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse comes with quite an ambidextrous design. This means that you can use this mouse with either hand and have a wonderful experience since it is molded for all kinds of grips.
  • Razer Optical Switches – The Razer Optical Switches that are used in the Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse is super high-quality. They have everything you’d want in them. The speed and responsiveness are amazing, and that’s why this mouse is so great.
  • 70Hr Battery – One of the best things about the Razer Viper Ultimate Gaming Mouse is the battery life. It comes with a capacity of 70 hours of usage time after a single full charge. So, you’re not going to need to charge it for a long time once it’s fully charged.

Pros and Cons

Great for All Grips – Due to its ambidextrous design, the Razer Viper Ultimate Mouse is great for all kinds of grips and can be used by people who play with any hand they want.Quite Expensive – Even though it offers great value and amazing features to the users, the Razer Viper Ultimate is definitely one of the most expensive gaming mice on the market right now.
Customizability – From onboard memory to programming different buttons and customizing the lighting effects, you can do all this and a lot more with the Razer Synapse software.
Lightweight Frame – The frame of the Razer Viper Ultimate is quite lightweight despite being made of high-quality durable material lasting for a fairly long time of usage.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.


All of the above-mentioned mice have something going for them, and they all have high-quality optical switches in them, so you can expect amazing precision and compatibility for all kinds of digital work and gaming purposes as well. That’s why picking one won’t be difficult for them.

You can pick whichever seems the perfect choice and the right fit for your requirements. I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you’re going to have a wonderful computer usage experience with your brand-new optical switch mouse. May you have a great day ahead of you!

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