Gaming Mouse vs Normal Mouse: What’s the Difference?

If you’re thinking of building your first PC or you’re getting an office setup, one fundamental question that you have to ask yourself is, should I get a gaming mouse or a regular computer mouse?

This debate has been around as long as PCs have existed, and many people side with either of the two options. So, which one is the better choice? Also, what’s the difference between gaming mice and normal mice anyway? These are the questions that I’ll be answering today.

In this article, I’m going to talk about computer mice, what a gaming mouse is, the pros and cons of each of the mice, the feature sets of these mice, along with the comparison and differences between both the types of computer mice as well to find out which one is better. So, without wasting any further time, let’s get started.

Gaming Mouse vs. Normal Mouse: What’s the Difference?

What is a Standard Computer Mouse?

Before we discuss what a standard computer mouse is, let’s talk about what computer mice actually are. According to the proper definition, computer mice are input devices that provide a cursor in Graphical User Interface that allows you to click on icons, text, files, folders, drag, and move, copy, and paste things on the computer.

A standard computer mouse is capable of performing all these functions and has a simplistic and decent design offering two clicks and a scroll wheel in the middle.

These mice have been around since the 1960s. Even today, many people seem to prefer the no-complexity, easy-to-use, and simply-designed standard computer mice, so there’s definitely a huge market for them, and you might also be using them without even knowing.

Functions of a Normal Mouse

A basic or normal computer mouse is designed to perform a few specific functions and comes with a few features which all mice have. To give you an idea of how a regular mouse works, I’ve made a list of the features of a normal mouse.

Let’s look at these major functions and features of a mouse.

  • Move the Cursor – The first and foremost function of a regular computer mouse is to move the cursor on the screen of the monitor. This cursor is the main element of the computer mouse which in turn performs all the functions associated with the mouse.
  • Open Files and Folders – The left button of the standard mouse is the one that can be double-clicked to open different files and folders and even select text at times. To execute functions and press buttons, this click is responsible which means that this particular switch is quite important.
  • Access Dropdown Options – The right-click button is responsible for bringing up the dropdown options menu for each file and folder. On this menu, there are many generic options like Open, Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, etc. And there are also some file-specific options that are available in this menu which can be accessed by the right-click.
  • Drag and Drop Elements – By holding the left-click button, you can grab a file, folder, or application window, and drag and drop it from one place on the screen to another pretty easily. This particular function comes in handy in graphic design as well as digital art, so it is quite important.
  • Scroll Documents and Pages – There is a scroll wheel in the middle of both the left and right click buttons which can be used to scroll different documents and pages. This scroll wheel comes in super-handy when you’re surfing the web or going through a PDF that has a lot of pages on it.

Pros and Cons of Regular Computer Mice

So, now that we know the functions a regular computer mouse performs, it is time that we take a look at some of the pros and cons of these mice to get an idea of whether they’re better than the competition or not.

Cheap Price – One of the major benefits of getting normal computer mice for your setups is that they come for much cheaper as compared to other kinds of mice because of the fact that they have limited functions.No extra capabilities – Other than the functions mentioned before, there isn’t a lot that a regular mouse is capable of doing which means specialized functions are definitely not included in them.
Great for Generic and Office Work – If you’re performing simple data entry or low-end graphic design, or simply using a computer, then the regular mouse would work perfectly for your requirement.Prone to USB port damages – Since the regular mouse comes with generic USB cables, they’re more prone to USB port damage as the quality of the connection and the technology used isn’t the highest in terms of quality as compared to other mice.
Easier GUI Navigation and Functioning – Without the use of a mouse, you’re going to face a lot of problems trying to navigate the GUI with the help of the keyboard, so the standard mice make GUI navigation and functioning easier.

What is a Gaming Mouse?

When it comes to a gaming mouse, there are multiple definitions. However, the simplest way to define a gaming mouse is that it is a kind of mouse designed especially for gamers.

You might be wondering, what does it take for a mouse to be a gaming mouse? Well, one of the main elements of a gaming mouse is the adjustability of its DPI.

A gaming mouse is as good as its range of adjustable DPI. Depending upon what kind of game you’re playing, you might need to increase or decrease the mouse sensitivity to enhance your gameplay.

But there’s much more to gaming mice than just adjustable DPI. Since the 2010s, gaming mice have reached the peaks of popularity, and even office workers have switched to using gaming mice with their computer setups. So, you should definitely try using one before you make a decision.

Mechanics of a Gaming Mouse

Before we get into the functions of a gaming mouse, let’s learn a bit about the physical structure of these mice. Here are the main parts and components that build the mechanics of a gaming mouse:

Ergonomic Structure

First and foremost, gaming mouse designers tend to prioritize the user’s gaming experience. So, to make sure the user can play games for a long time and not feel discomfort or pain in their wrists and hands, the mice are given an ergonomic design and structure so that the mouse feels nicer.

DPI Button

The DPI Button is responsible for allowing the user to change the DPI settings or the sensitivity of the mouse according to the game they’re playing or the application they’re using. It is typically located under the scroll wheel in the middle of the mouse.

Left and Right Click

The left-click button and the right-click button are the essentials of any computer mouse. However, in gaming mice, these buttons are designed in a better way with higher quality switches and smoother textures to help the gamers press the buttons better and get good feedback from the switches.

Scroll Wheel

Another component that seems to be used in almost all kinds of computer mice is the scroll wheel. In gaming mice, this scroll wheel is made of high-quality material that gives the user a better scrolling experience, and the scroll wheel also has functions in-game. They can also be pressed as a button with their own functions.

RGB Lighting

The most important gaming-forward design inclusion in the gaming mouse is the RGB lighting. Different gaming mice have different kinds of lighting and designs that make them look visually appealing and aesthetic. Therefore, these lights are considered a core component of a gaming mouse.

Additional Buttons

Many gaming mice are known to have additional buttons for many purposes. Some gaming mice nowadays even have upwards of 5-6 additional buttons other than the essentials. These buttons can be programmed specifically for games and using customization software; the buttons can be assigned different functions depending upon the game you’re playing.

Functions of Gaming Mice

A gaming mouse is capable of performing all kinds of regular mouse functions and much more as well. Let’s take a look at some of the main functions and features of a gaming mouse.

  • All Regular Mouse Functions – All the functions that you expect from a computer mouse like opening files, selecting text, moving the cursor, scrolling pages, dropdown options, and everything else, can be performed by a gaming mouse.
  • Changing Sensitivity – With the help of the DPI button, you can change the dots per inch, or sensitivity of the mouse. It will change how sensitive the movement of the mouse is and will be helpful in FPS games and multiplayer online games if you’re playing competitively.
  • Customizing RGB Lighting – Using the proprietary customization software or built-in buttons, you can change the colors and the patterns of the RGB lighting that you see on your gaming mouse. This is especially amazing and very gaming design forward and you’re definitely going to love using this function.
  • Programming New Buttons – Using the customization software as well as in-game key bindings, you can program the additional buttons of the mouse to perform different in-game moves, and even functions in other applications. You can also save different user profiles and application profiles if the software allows you to do so.
  • Adjusting Weight – This is a function available in some high-end gaming mice. On the bottom of the mouse, there is a slight opening where extra weights can be attached to make the mouse heavier or lighter depending upon what your weight preference for a comfortable mouse user experience is. So, that’s another very cool feature.

Pros and Cons of Gaming Mice

So, do you think gaming mice are worth buying? Well, before you buy one, it is important that you learn about the pros and cons that come with them. So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits and problems with gaming mice you need to know about.

Durability – One thing that gaming mice are known for is the durability of their frame. The mice are super solid and will last quite a long time before you have to replace them.Not for Everyone – Due to the added brightness and the gaming-forward design, if you’re not a fan of looks and stylish designs, they’re not going to be good for you.
High-quality Components – The switches used, the material, the USB cables, the scroll wheels, and every other component in a professional gaming mouse is very high-quality and high-end.Expensive – Since there are so many added benefits and functionalities in gaming mice along with their quality advantage and durability, they’re more expensive in comparison to the other mice available in the market.
Added Customization and Functionality – Typically, gaming mice come with their own customization tools and software applications, and they are also known to be much more functional.
Better Designs – When it comes to the design of the gaming mice, they’re built much better and the RGB lighting adds a layer of aesthetic element to them.

Gaming Mouse vs. Normal Mouse: What Are the Differences?

We’ve taken a look at both gaming mice and normal standard mice in an individual capacity. Now, to understand which one has the edge over the other, let’s compare their differences. So, here are some of the main factors where these mice differ from each other.

1. Price-point

The first main difference is where normal mice take edge over the gaming mice and other types is the price-point. Since regular mice have limited features, decent designs, and good enough quality components, they’re cheaper than input devices.

But due to the extra features and higher-quality gaming, gaming mice can become more expensive than the normal computer user’s budget, making them difficult to buy for them. So, that’s where normal mice are better.

2. Quality of Components

The next difference is also related to price but in a different manner. Most of the time, the material used in normal mice and the design, the switches and everything, is sub-par.

On the other hand, the quality of the components utilized in gaming mice is exceptional, which is why they’re more expensive. So, regarding the quality, gaming mice are definitely much better than regular standard computer mice.

3. Functionality

In this regard, gaming mice take the edge over normal mice because they have much more capability than the latter. For example, gaming mice can be customized, reprogrammed, store profiles, change settings, and offer macro support as well.

Whereas normal mice can only perform the simple mouse functions and not much more. That’s why they’re better for generic use and not advanced and specialized usage. So, if you need advanced usage, go for a gaming mouse.

4. Market Demand

Last but not least is the factor of market demand. In this particular factor, gaming mice win as well. Whether they’re gamers, casual computer users, or office workers, more people prefer to use gaming mice because of their looks and capability than regular mice.

This is simply because regular mice seem less appealing and attractive to people. But there is definitely a market for regular mice as well. The market is just bigger for gaming mice in comparison.

Are Gaming Mice better than Normal Mice?

The final and most important question of this comparison is, are gaming mice better than normal mice? Well, if we make a direct comparison, then yes, gaming mice are better than normal mice.

But the important detail to note is that you may not require a gaming mouse despite it being better than the competition. This is because gaming mice are, most of the time, expensive.

If your budget doesn’t have the capacity of being used on gaming mice, and at the same time, your computer requirement doesn’t need you spending money on a high-end gaming mouse, then you can simply opt for a regular standard mouse and use it well.

Other than that, if you have the money and you want the added functionality, you should definitely go for a gaming mouse. You’re going to have a much smoother and overall better user experience.


Both gaming mice and normal computer mice have their own place in the computing and gaming industry. And they can also be used interchangeably as they both offer the same basic functionality. However, there are some subtle differences between the two that make computer users choose carefully between them depending on their particular needs.

It is also interesting to note that gaming mice are slowly dominating regular mice because they offer specialized functions along with the simple functions that normal mice offer. So, they are better equipped to improve your productivity at the end of the day. But that doesn’t mean you should only get a gaming mouse.

Assess your requirement and need, and then make your buying decision based on the information provided in this article. I hope you learned a lot from this comparison and that you’re going to have a great computer usage experience with your preferred mouse. May you have a great day ahead of you!

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