Top 5 Best Keyboards with Onboard Memory


Using your computer for work, software applications, or competitive gaming, using macros and custom profiles can be very efficient and sometimes a necessity. That’s where keyboards with onboard memory come into play. These have become quite useful in recent years but many people are still unfamiliar with their merits. 

You might be wondering, how do keyboards with onboard memory work, and which is the best keyboard with onboard memory in the market? Well, that’s precisely what I’m here to tell you.

The 5 Best Keyboards with Onboard Memory are:

  1. Razer Huntsman Elite Mechanical Keyboard
  2. Logitech G915 Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  3. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  4. Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard
  5. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

In this article, I’m going to talk about keyboards that have built-in memory for saving custom user-profiles and settings, along with giving you the list of the top 5 best keyboards with onboard memory. So, make sure you give this article a thorough read before you make your buying decision.

Top 5 Best Keyboards with Onboard Memory
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How Do Keyboards with Onboard Memory work?

This question is fundamental if you’re thinking of buying a keyboard with onboard memory but surprisingly, there’s no clear answer to this question anywhere on the internet. That’s why I took it upon myself to provide you with a simple definition.

Onboard memory is like the computer’s RAM, and it is used to store custom settings, profiles, and macros that the user has saved on a device equipped with it for their working, playing, or general usage ease.

It is a prevalent and very user-friendly feature that keyboards come with nowadays. If you want to make your computer usage super-fast and easy, getting a keyboard with onboard memory is the way to go.

From storing different key combinations to single-click functions, long sentences, excessively usable documents, files, lighting settings, key placements, and much more, everything can be stored onto the onboard memory of your keyboard if it comes with this functionality. So, make sure the keyboard you’re getting advertises onboard memory before you buy it.

Top 5 Keyboards with Onboard Memory

KeyboardPrice Comparison
Razer Huntsman Elite Mechanical Keyboard$$
Logitech G915 Wireless Gaming Keyboard$$$$
SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard$$$
Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard$$$$$
HyperX Alloy Origins Core$

Per Amazon rules, I can’t disclose exact prices. This is a visual representation of the price compared to each other. The more “$” means a higher price comparatively.

Want to buy a high-quality keyboard with onboard memory for yourself? Lucky for you, I’ve made a list of the top 5 best keyboards with onboard memory and many other exciting features. Let’s take a look at these keyboards and what they have to offer.

1. Razer Huntsman Elite Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to keyboards, Razer knows how to pull off incredible ones with the best features. Their Huntsman Elite Mechanical Keyboard is simply one of the best in terms of premium features, onboard memory, and build quality if you’re thinking of getting a keyboard with all the goods packed within.


  • Razer Optical Switches – Razer mechanical, optical switches offer 35% faster actuation than average mechanical switches, thus making this keyboard incredibly fast, super-quick, and amazingly responsive.
  • Onboard Memory – The Razer Huntsman Elite comes with a solid onboard memory capable of storing many custom profiles with macros and settings desired by the user for efficiency and ease of use.
  • Dedicated Media Controls – There are dedicated media control buttons and rolling wheels for controlling the volume, mute, and playback options, proving very helpful to speed things up and provide control to the user.
  • Ergonomic Wrist Rest – This keyboard comes with an ergonomic wrist rest that can be attached and detached according to the user’s requirement and is highly comfortable, keeping the wrist and the arm completely free of any pain or discomfort.
  • Individual Key RGB Backlighting – Every single incredibly high-quality PBT keycap has its RGB backlighting and under-glow. This can be configured using the amazing Razer Synapse software according to the choice of the user.
Aluminum Frame – The Huntsman keyboard comes with a stunning, high-quality, durable, and strong aluminum frame structure that will last an incredibly long time.Incredibly Expensive – As always, you aren’t going to get the best features and technology for a normal price from Razer. This keyboard is super-expensive for budget gamers and workers.
Razer Hypershift – Using Razer Synapse’s Hypershift feature, you can reassign all the keys on the keyboard according to your liking, create and assign macros and program the keyboard as well.Legend Glow isn’t impressive – If you’re a fan of RGB, you might not be stunned with awe when you look at the Legend Glow from the RGB because it’s not very bright in comparison to other keyboards.
Durable Switches – The Razer Optical switches are super durable and well-designed because they can last over 100 million actuations which is extremely impressive.

Final Thoughts

Overall, due to the amazing customizability and the onboard memory, I’d say if you’ve got the budget for it, then this keyboard is a great option available for you in the market.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

2. Logitech G915 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Utilizing their Lightspeed Technology, Logitech has truly outdone themselves with this absolute beauty of a low-profile gaming keyboard. The G915 is a wireless, high-end mechanical keyboard with a huge bundle of features, but the price is something to think about.


  • GL Mechanical Switches – This keyboard uses low-profile Logitech proprietary GL switches that offer incredible tactility, durability, and high-actuation for the proper responsive and quick mechanical switch experience.
  • 5 Macro Keys – There are 5 dedicated Macro keys on the left side of the keyboard that you can program to store the macros you use the most in gaming and work on software applications.
  • Built-in Memory – There is the capability of storing 3 custom keyboard profiles on the Logitech G915 wireless gaming keyboard. You can assign different lighting patterns, settings, mappings, and macros to the profiles according to your choice.
  • Lightsync Technology – The Lightsync technology allows you to sync the RGB lighting pattern of all the keys on the keyboard to a particular piece of content you’re playing on your computer. It could be software, a game, or anything like that.
  • 30 Hours Battery Life – This keyboard’s wireless capability is so great that you can play with it for over 30 hours once you charge it fully a single time.
Aluminum Alloy Build – This keyboard is slim and thin, but the frame is constructed with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy that is strong and durable and produces no flex whatsoever.Super-Expensive – The one con that I’ve explicitly seen in this keyboard is the absurd price that it comes for. It is not meant for low-budget gamers.
G HUB Software Customization – The Logitech G HUB software offers loads upon loads of keyboard, macro, profile, RGB, and other customization capabilities to the user.No Wrist Pad – The keyboard is low-profile and compact, which is why there is no wrist pad or ergonomic design tools and elements associated with the keyboard.
Media Keys – There are a bunch of highly functional media keys and a volume slider on the top right corner of the keyboard that allows you to continue your activity and at the same time deal with multiple time-taking tasks.

Final Thoughts

This keyboard is the cream of the crop when it comes to wireless bliss. But unfortunately, it is meant for only professionals at an incredibly high price. So, only get it if you’ve got the funds to buy the fastest wireless keyboard in the market right now.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

3. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries makes a lot of incredible peripherals. A beautiful skeletal design mechanical gaming keyboard that comes with the best features, specs, tools, and functional capabilities, including onboard memory, is the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that comes for a generous price.


  • OmniPoint Mechanical Switches – With the incredible optical-mechanical switches used in the Apex Pro, you can change the height of actuation according to the click you’re comfortable with to get the best-suited responsiveness for you.
  • N-key Rollover – The SteelSeries Apex Pro comes with an N-key rollover which means that you can press all 104 keys and register all of them with 100% anti-ghosting.
  • RGB Lighting – There are 16.8 million RGB colors to choose from, and the brightness and clarity of the RGB lighting on this skeletal keyboard are stunning and vibrant.
  • 5 Custom Profiles – If you’re thinking about the onboard profile memory, I’ve just some amazing news for you because this keyboard can store 5 different custom profiles filled with RGB patterns, macros, programmability, and other elements that you’d like to keep in the keyboard.
  • OLED Screen – There is a small OLED screen on the right top corner that shows the different settings and options you can access in the Apex Pro keyboard, which is unique.
Customization Freedom – From keyboard custom profiles to macros to remapping, RGB customization, and much more, almost everything on this keyboard can be customized according to your liking.RGB is too bright – The RGB can sometimes seem a little too bright when it comes to darker environment usage due to the keyboard’s skeletal design.
Ergonomic Wrist Rest – There is also an incredibly ergonomic magnetic wrist rest that comes at the bottom of the SteelSeries Apex Pro Gaming keyboard.Design is Very Gaming-forward – With all the RGB and gaming-forward features, this keyboard is a better choice for gamers and isn’t meant for work professionals.
Aluminum Build – Using aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to build the keyboard, the Apex Pro is a very high-quality, strong, and durable mechanical keyboard you can use for long computer sessions.

Final Thoughts

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a high-quality keyboard in terms of amazing features and build-quality, and it has a smaller price than some of the keyboards on this list, but it still isn’t the cheapest option. Due to the customization and the onboard memory elements, it is a solid contender, though.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

4. Corsair K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair is known for its high-end, reasonably priced gaming keyboards. The K95 RGB Gaming Keyboard is no exception when it comes to incredible specs and a decent price tag if you’re thinking of getting a keyboard with onboard memory and loads of other features.


  • Cherry MX Speed – When it comes to tactility, Cherry MX Speed switches are second to none with a high actuation point and good tactile feedback in the Corsair K95 keyboard.
  • 8MB Onboard Memory – There are 8MBs of onboard memory on this keyboard that can be used to store around 5 custom profiles designed according to the user’s will.
  • Per-Key RGB Lighting – Each of the keys in the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard comes with individual RGB backlighting that can be customized to match your liking and computer setup.
  • 6 Programmable Keys – There are 6 programmable G keys on the left side of the K95 keyboard that you can use to store macros and program instructions to make processes efficient and easy.
  • Dedicated Media Keys – The Corsair K95 comes with many integrated dedicated media keys for playback options and a volume slider that you can use to control the volume while working or in-game.
Anodized Brushed Aluminum Frame – The K95 keyboard uses an anodized brushed aluminum frame that is super strong and will stay durable and last for a long time to come.Software is complex – The Corsair Utility Engine software is quite difficult and complex software to learn if you’re thinking of customizing the keyboard RGB and controls.
Decent Price – The price tag of this keyboard is much better for all the amazing benefits and features it comes with, along with its full-length advantage and excessive keys and buttons.
Ergonomic Palm Rest – It also comes with an ergonomic palm rest that you can use to make long gaming and working sessions easier by reducing muscle strain.

Final Thoughts

The Corsair K95 is a reasonably priced, standard-sized high-quality feature-full keyboard that provides the facility of storing 5 custom profiles. So, if you buy it, it will surely be a great decision for your requirements.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.

5. HyperX Alloy Origins Core

HyperX is usually popular for making professional-grade expensive peripherals. Still, in terms of price, the HyperX Alloy Origins Core TKL Gaming keyboard is a steal for the amazing benefits and features it brings with it, including 3 profiles storing onboard memory.


  • HyperX Mechanical Switches – The HyperX Mechanical Switches are tactile, durable with up to 80 million keystroke capability, and super smooth to press with a high actuation point.
  • Onboard Memory – The HyperX Alloy Origins Core comes with an integrated onboard memory capable of storing over 3 custom macro and RGB profiles.
  • HyperX NGenuity Software – Using the HyperX NGenuity software, you can tweak and customize the keyboard’s settings according to your liking and requirement.
  • RGB Lighting – The RGB lighting of this tenkeyless keyboard is superb. There are many patterns to choose from, and the overall brightness and colors are amazingly impressive.
Aluminum Body – This keyboard uses an aircraft-grade aluminum body that is highly durable and will last for many incredible gaming and working sessions with your computer setup.No Dedicated Media Keys – One thing problem with this keyboard is that it doesn’t come with any dedicated media keys due to the compactness and portability of the TKL design.
Compact Design – The Origins Core TKL keyboard comes with a fairly compact and portable design due to the detachable power cable it utilizes for connectivity.No Included Wrist Rest – Due to the small form-factor design of this keyboard, it also doesn’t feature any included ergonomic magnetic wrist rest or palm rest for resting your wrist on while you work or game on the keyboard for long periods.
Great price – In terms of price, this keyboard is the best one on this list, even though it comes with only 87 keys and is a compact form-factor TKL keyboard build.

Final Thoughts

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core TKL Gaming keyboard is an incredible mechanical keyboard if compactness is what you’re going for. If someone looking for macro keys included a keyboard with a bigger frame, then I’d suggest going for some of the other options that I’ve placed in this list.

If you’d like to learn more or read more reviews, check it out on Amazon.


Keyboards with Onboard memory can prove extremely useful under many work-related and casual circumstances. If you get one of these incredible mechanical keyboards, not only with you get onboard memory for saving your desired custom profiles, but you’ll get a bundle of other features as well.

You might disagree, but from personal experience and my expertise in mechanical keyboards, I’d say the best one out of this lot in terms of specs. The value due to the price tag is the Corsair K95 Platinum RGB mechanical keyboard.

This is because it has 5 custom profile storage capabilities, onboard memory and dedicated media controls, macro buttons, and so much more, all for a decent and reasonable price. That’s what makes it the best pick out of this list, in my opinion.

So, make sure you find the keyboard in this list that fits your choice and style of keyboarding experience perfectly because no matter which one of these amazing keyboard products you buy, you’re surely going to be satisfied with them. I hope you have an incredible keyboarding experience.

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