Top 10 Best Clicky Switches for a Mechanical Keyboard


The right mechanical keyboard switches can make a big difference in both the ease and comfort of using a keyboard.

Whether you’re a gamer or an office worker or both, you’re going to need smooth, clicky switches that offer a great feel in order to play and type efficiently.

So, which clicky switches should you get? That’s exactly what we’re here to tell you.

The 10 best clicky switches for a mechanical keyboard are:

  1. Razer Green Switches
  2. Outemu Blue Switches
  3. Cherry MX Blue Switches
  4. Kailh Box White Switches
  5. Kailh Box Jade Switches
  6. Novelkeys Sherbet Switches
  7. Gateron Blue Switches
  8. Kailh Box Navy Switches
  9. Gateron Green Switches
  10. Kailh Speed Gold Switches

In this article, we’re going to talk about clicky switches and how they differ from other types of mechanical keyboard switches. We’re also going to go over the list of our favorite clicky switches and why we chose them.

Top 10 Best Clicky Switches for a Mechanical Keyboard
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What are Clicky Switches?

Clicky switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that provides an additional clicking sound at the point of actuation. This is done through different switching mechanisms and provides a really nice sound that helps the user of the keyboard know when they’ve reached the actuation point.

The great thing about clicky mechanical switches is that bottoming out is easier to avoid with them. You can take your finger off of the clicky switch as soon as you reach the actuation point which is not that far down.

This is why if you’re looking for an ear-pleasing clicky sound whenever you press a key on your mechanical keyboard, you should definitely get clicky switches for your computer setup.

Choosing the Right Clicky Switches

Choosing the right clicky switches can be difficult. You need to make sure that you understand the mechanism of a clicky mechanical switch in order to choose the best one.

Clicky switches use a click jacket or a click bar which is placed with the switch of the key that produces the acoustics when the switch is pressed. Although other switches are also able to produce sound, the loudest sound is produced by clicky switches.

If you’re choosing the best clicky switch for your keyboard, you need to make sure that the switch produces a loud sound, provides a bump, has a decent actuation point, and uses a click jacket or click leaf placed within the switch.

If the switches have these properties, then they’re going to be great for gaming and typing purposes.

Top 10 Best Clicky Switches

Now that you know what clicky switches are and how you can find the best ones, here’s a list of the top 10 best clicky switches in the market that you can choose from depending upon your requirements, budget, and personal preference. 

1. Razer Green Switches

Razer has always remained on top of the computer peripheral industry since its arrival in the 1970s. Their green clicky switches are no exception when it comes to finesse and acoustic brilliance.

The Green Switches are an upgrade to the white switches they had in older mechanical keyboards and these switches offer greater stability, support, and clicky sound.

When it comes to Razer’s green switches, they’re only available in Razer mechanical keyboards including the Chroma and the most popular Razer BlackWidow Elite Gaming keyboard which you can get from Amazon.

Durability – Razer has designed these switches with a whopping 80 million keystroke durability.Availability – They’re not available in a switch pack and can only be used with a Razer mechanical keyboard.
Stability – With dual-side walls, the green switches offer a much more stable click than other switches.Expensive – Razer keyboards can be pretty expensive for the budget keyboard user.
Loud Click – The clicky sound is pretty loud in the Razer Green switches.

2. Outemu Blue Switches

Arguably one of the best switches when it comes to price to value is the Outemu Blue Switches. These switches have a great feel to them and have a hint of tactility as well along with the clickiness.

The Outemu Blue switches provide a nice tactile bump and give out a really heavy and loud clicky sound when pressed. They’re pretty great and can last for a long time of use.

According to users, these switches are the best for FPS gaming. If you’re looking for good quality moderately priced Outemu blue switches, you can get them from Amazon.

Good price – In comparison to other clicky switches, these ones are fairly cheaper.Less Stable – The key switches are less stable than some other clicky switches.
Durability – The keys can perform up to 40 million keystrokes which are great.Trigger Point – The actuation point is slightly deeper than other switches.
Loudness – The Outemu Blue switches are loud and clear, producing the perfect acoustics.

3. Cherry MX Blue Switches

Cherry MX are the undisputed champions of the mechanical keyboard switch market. Their blue and red switches are top of the line and used by e-sports players as well as casual workers for the swift press and amazing feel.

The Cherry MX Blue switch is their rendition of the clicky switch and it is simply amazing. It utilizes a sliding stem which allows pre-trigger activation. It has a touch of tactility as well.

The sound produced by the Cherry MX Blue switches is loud and audible making them apt for all users. If you’re looking for a great clicky switch option, here on Amazon is where you can get your Cherry MX Blue switches.

Actuation Force – These switches require a moderate amount of force for triggering them.Actuation Point – The actuation point is deep for pre-trigger activation purposes.
Acoustics – The blue switches offer incredible acoustics and provide a really great clicky feel.Slightly Expensive – These switches are slightly more expensive than some of the others.
RGB – They’re available in black and RGB switch types.

4. Kailh Box White Switches

Kailh box switches have been revolutionary when it comes to amazing clicky switches. The Kailh box white switches in particular are truly cream of the crop when you talk about clicky mechanical switches.

These switches are great in all aspects. Whether you think about price, value, features, actuation, loudness, or anything else, the box white switches are going to check all the right boxes.

If you’re looking for Kailh Box White switches, you can get your hands on them from Amazon.

Durability – These switches are built to last and offer over 80 million keystroke durability.Trigger Travel – The trigger travel of this particular switch isn’t the best.
Price – You can get Kailh Box white switches for a cheap price.
Bottom Out – These switches come with 50g actuation and 60g bottom out which is great.
Stability – With a 4-sided wall, these switches are very stable.

5. Kailh Box Jade Switches

The Kailh box jade switches are one of the best clicky mechanical switches in the market as of now. If you’re thinking of getting them, Amazon has them here where you can get them easily.

The Box Jade switches are an upgraded version of the Box white switches because they offer a thicker click bar which produces a better sound and offers much better pre-activation.

That is why Kailh box jade switches can be used for not only gaming but also casual work mechanical keyboards for a smooth and amazing experience.

Loudness – The sound of these clicky switches is incredible and provides a great feel.Expensive – These switches are more expensive than some of the others.
Durability – With 80 million keystroke capability, these switches are truly top of the line.Actuation – The trigger point of these switches is lower than others in this list.
Stability – Using the same base as the box white switches, these switches are also very stable.

6. Novelkeys Sherbet Switches

Novelkeys have also made their mark in the clicky mechanical switch industry with their Sherbet clicky switches. You can get these switches from amazon and pop them onto your keyboard for an amazing experience.

These switches feature the click bar mechanism of clicky switches and provide a loud clicking sound on the actuation. They also feature a plate mount and offer smooth clicks for any mechanical keyboard. They’re incredibly cheap and good-quality for beginner users.

Bottom Out – It comes with 45g actuation and 70g bottom out which is great. Less durable – The switches are less durable in comparison to others.
Loud Switches – The click bar makes a loud sound as the key is pressed completely.Less stable – They don’t have sidewalls for added stability.
Inexpensive – The switches are much inexpensive in comparison to others on this list.

7. Gateron Blue Switches

Gateron Blue switches are amazing when it comes to both clicky sounds and quick actuation. There are many different keyboards that offer Gateron blue switches, here is a great option on Amazon.

These switches on their own and even in some great mechanical keyboards are pretty inexpensive and can be a great transition for beginners switching from generic keyboards.

Gateron Blue switches offer a great click. That’s why you should definitely keep them in your clicky switch priority list.

Price to Value – The switches are much cheaper than other clicky switch options here.Wobbly – The switches are not as stable as some of the other switches on this list.
Clicky sound – The clicking sound is pretty loud due to the click jacket in the switches.
Great click feedback – The actuation and feedback of these switches are great too.

8. Kailh Box Navy Switches

Another great box switch by Kailh is the Box Navy Clicky switch that they offer. The box navy switches are just as incredible as the box jade switches and offer similar features. You can pick them up here on Amazon

The box navy is more commonly used with RGB gaming and simple typing keyboards around the world that’s why if you’re looking for them, you’re going to easily find them.

Their click, the sound, the smoothness, and their easy placement in MX stems is what makes them great and is why you should definitely keep them in your list of the best clicky switches.

Loudness – The click produced by these switches is very loud.Expensive – The switches are pretty expensive.
Durability – It offers over 80 million keystrokes which are amazing for clicky switches.Deep Trigger – These switches house a deep trigger point.
Stability – The switch is extremely stable due to the 4 sided walls around the switch itself.

9. Gateron Green Switches

With an MX-compatible stem, the Gateron Green switches are amazing for beginner mechanical keyboard users who want to game and type with great efficiency.

The actuation force required for these switches is 80g. They produce a great clicky sound and also offer pre-trigger activation support, making them one of the best switches in the market. You can get yours, from Amazon.

MX-stem – They’re compatible with the MX-stem keycaps which is great.Less Stable – Like the blue switches, the Gateron green switches are also less stable.
High-quality Sound – The clicking sound is not only loud but it is high-quality and not distorted.
Inexpensive – These switches are inexpensive and great in terms of value.

10. Kailh Speed Gold Switches

With an amazing 1.4mm actuation point and both plate mount and PCB mount availability, the Kailh Speed Gold switches are truly one of the best clicky switches in the market.

They require 50g actuation force and bottoming out at 60g. That’s why they’re one of the best switches on this list. You can get your own gold switches from amazon here.

High Actuation – They come with a 1.4mm actuation point.Expensive – They’re more expensive than some of the options of this list of clicky switches.
Stable – They’re incredibly stable.
Durable – The durability of these switches is top of the line.


Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran mechanical keyboard user, clicky mechanical switches are the way to go. If you’re gaming, they’re great and even if you’re simply typing or using a keyboard, the click is going to feel amazing. Especially if you choose one of the switches that we’ve listed here, you’re going to have a great mechanical keyboard experience. That is one thing we can promise you.

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