What are the Best Brushes for Lubing Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

If you’re new to using mechanical keyboards and you’re looking to hear that perfect click as well as getting the keys of your board to be smoother and provide an overall less tactical bump, using an appropriate brush for lubing the keyboard switches would be the best way to do so.

However, not everyone knows what the best brushes for lubing mechanical keyboard switches are. Well, that’s what we’re here to tell you.

In this article, we’re going to talk about why you need to use a brush for lubing your keyboard switches and we’re also going to talk about the kind of brushes you need to use. We’ve also created a list of the best brushes for lubing mechanical keyboard switches.

The 4 best brushes for lubing mechanical keyboard switches are:

  • Detail Paint Brushes Set by EBOOT
  • Transon Detail Model Paint Brushes
  • AIT Art Fine Detail Paint Brushes
  • Transon Artist Detail Paint Brush Set
What Are The Best Brushes For Lubing Mechanical Keyboard Switches
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What to Look for in a Brush for Lubing Mechanical Switches?

If you’re looking for a good quality brush which will evenly distribute the lube across each of the keyboard switch components to ensure a nice and crisp sounding keypress, here are some of the things that you need to look for in a brush for lubing mechanical switches.

Thin Tip

One thing you need to make sure when you’re getting a proper paintbrush for lubing mechanical switches is that the tip of the brush is very thin like 1 or 2mm. This is because the tip will be able to apply the lube fairly easily with a thin tip in comparison to a thicker tip that might not even fit into the switch housings.

Soft hairs

Another important factor is the quality of the brush hairs. If you’re choosing an acrylic brush, it’s best if you go for a brush with very soft and smooth hairs, this way you’ll be able to maneuver the tip of the brush inside the switches to make sure that you get lube applied evenly all over the brushes.

Slim handle

Getting a brush with a slim handle is also very important actually. A brush with a slim handle will be able to go deeper into the switches and won’t be difficult to use if you’re trying to lube smaller tactical or linear switches and would help in lubing the mechanical switches with ease.

Best Brushes for Lubing Mechanical Keyboard Switches

If you’re looking for the best brushes for lubing mechanical keyboard switches and you’re not sure where to find them, we’ve created a list of the top brushes that you can buy and use to lube the keyboard switches. Let’s take a look at each of them.

1. Detail Paint Brushes Set by EBOOT

The detail paint brushes set by EBOOT is a really good option if you’re looking to use paintbrushes for lubing mechanical switches. One, they’re really cheap and two, there are 5 different brushes that come with the set, each of them is differently sized and perfect for different kinds of switches.

In fact, the paintbrushes are incredibly high quality, the hairs are really soft and flexible and the handle is super-comfy as well. They come with protective covers which makes sure that you can use them multiple times and you’ll be set for a long time of keyboard switch lubing.

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2. Transon Detail Model Paint Brushes

The great thing about Transon’s Detail Model Paintbrush set is that they’re made of high-grade filaments which ensure proper lubing. They’re incredibly comfy and ergonomically designed and can be held easily.

There are many different sizes for the brushes because there are 7 of them, all for a short and affordable price. These brushes are going to last you for quite a while and make sure your switches remain perfectly lubed and tip-top shape all the time.

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3. AIT Art Fine Detail Paint Brushes

AIT Art Fine Detail Paintbrushes are one of the best suggestions on this list. They’re slightly more expensive than the other options but the great thing about them is that they can be used with any lube.

The build quality of the brushes is simply great. In fact, this 11 brush set comes with small round and liner brushes that offer different sizes so that you can lube the MX switches easily without any problems.

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4. Transon Artist Detail Paint Brush Set

Transon moves ahead of the curve with their amazing Artist Detail Paintbrush set which comes for a cool and affordable price and offers 15 different sized brushes for the perfect lubing.

The brushes are incredibly high-quality and the tips are made of high-grade filament double crimped with an anti-shedding process to ensure even and perfect coating on each switch without any hair breaking and the brush losing its shape.

The sizes are widely different but each brush is thin and can be used for fine detail work like lubing aptly. So, this is truly your best brush for lubing mechanical keyboard switches if you’re curious.

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What Not to Use to Lube Mechanical Keyboard Switches

People often think that whatever they have would work for lubing the keyboard switches instead of using actual brushes. This is bad because an uneven layer of lube or any hard press or push can actually damage the switch and create bigger problems. That’s why you should not use the following applicators to lube your mechanical keyboard switches.


People sometimes actually use a syringe to extract the lube from the tube and then directly put it onto the switches for “efficient” lubing. This is incredibly wrong because there’s going to be an uneven layer of lubing all over and the syringe might also damage the switch components ruining the perfectly good switches.

Bare Fingers

There are chances that you might think using your fingers to gently apply lube would be a good idea but as your finger would be bigger than the switch and won’t be able to get into the nooks and crannies, you won’t be able to actually perfectly lube your MX switches.


In order to get into every little space of the switches, a toothpick might seem like a good option. Well, it’s not. One because it won’t evenly distribute the lube onto the switches and two, it might actually damage your switches. So, steer clear from the use of toothpicks to lube your switches.

These are some of the more commonly used things that people end up mistaking for an appropriate substitute for actual paintbrushes and lube brushes. Ultimately, you shouldn’t be using anything other than a proper brush for lubing mechanical keyboard switches since they’re pretty inexpensive anyway.

Why Should You Lube Your Mechanical Keyboard Switches?

After a certain period of use, mechanical keyboards can become a little loud and clanky. Especially MX switches starting rattling and becomes tough which takes away the experience of using a good quality mechanical keyboard. That’s why lubing mechanical keyboard switches is essential if you’re looking to reduce these issues.

The following are some advantages of lubing mechanical keyboard switches that you need to know

Improved Click Sound

If the switches are dry and the springs and housings aren’t properly lubed with a thin brush, the switches can produce a very clanky and bad sound.

That’s why in order to get a better and nicer clicking sound, which is half the reason why people get mechanical keyboards, it would be best if you used a good brush to layer the lube onto the switch parts including the sliders, spring, and stem of the MX mechanical keyboard switches.

Smoother Actuation

The thing that makes mechanical keyboards so much better than membrane and other types of keyboards is the smooth actuation. You truly feel each keypress which is really a great feeling for keyboard enthusiasts.

This feature can reduce overtime, that is why you need to lube the switches completely in order to retain the swift and smooth actuation and keypress of the mechanical keyboard switches.

Quieter Clicks

Another problem that you might have with your mechanical keyboard is the loudness of the clicks. The clicking sound might be rattling and unpleasant which might be due to the dryness of the switches.

In order to make the switches quieter and the clicking sound ear-pleasing, it is best if you apply a thin layer of lube on the MX switches before you use them again. We assure you that you’re going to hear the change yourself.

Keyboard Switch Longevity

If you don’t take care of your mechanical keyboard, it can wear out fairly quickly actually. So, in order to increase the longevity of your mechanical keyboard switches and to ensure that the switches remain functional and smooth, you need to properly lube the mechanical switches and maintain the amazing shape of your mechanical keyboard.


Using brushes for lubing mechanical keyboard switches is not that difficult. Especially if you have one of these brushes, which simply make the process better and faster, you’re going to be done in a very short time. And you’ll be hearing that perfect click and getting that superb pressing feel from your very own mechanical keyboard in no time.

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