Are Keyboards Waterproof?

are keyboards waterproof?

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Are keyboards waterproof? The general answer is, no, but with exemptions. In most cases, once you spill something onto your keyboard the big likelihood is that you are going to damage it. Other keyboards are waterproof and depending on the manufacturer, some can give you long-lasting protection.

There exists this thought tendency that because you are used to drinking liquids without spilling, the chances of the spillages on the keyboard won’t happen. Well, this happens when you least expect it. In turn, it causes damage to your keyboard which further affects its performance. This sometimes can lead to ruining or damaging the whole system.

Keyboards have tiny holes underneath that allow liquids to sip into the machine causing quick damage. Waterproof keyboards have covers that directly fit on top of all the keys to ensuring that no liquid slips in. Personalizing the keyboard covers is a better way of protecting your keyboard and still look good.

The innovation for protecting the keyboard ensures that the system is protected. Protection is often through double tape sealing, insulation and other mechanisms engineered specifically to prevent spill damages. Waterproof keyboards are designed to help keep away spills, anxiety and the whole damage that comes after the spills.

Protecting Your Keyboard

Below are several ways in which you can protect your keyboard from liquid spillage:

1. Use protective covers

Silicone and plastic covers are the most popular types used. They directly cover the keyboard on all the keys ensuring there is no space left open for any liquid to enter through. The covers, however, can make it difficult to type. It is, therefore, necessary to have the covers tested in an electronic shop to ensure that the keys fit correctly with the cover.

2. Use customized water-resistant cases

A customized case covers the top and bottom parts of the laptop. The case has openings left on the side ports and the bottom fan and therefore these parts are still prone to small spills. If the case is specifically made for the laptop, it fits better and protects the keyboard well.

3. Invest in good water-resistant keyboards or a laptop

This might be a bit pricey but investing in a keyboard that is water-resistant is worthwhile. Especially if you are used to frequent spillage, it would be something wise to consider.

When purchasing a keyboard accessory for that waterproof functionality, or just straight-up buying a waterproof keyboard you should make sure to do some research to find the best of the best. You should compare the prices in different electronic retailers and identify better and suitable deals.

Waterproof Keyboards

Some keyboards are specifically engineered with extreme care to provide a high –quality product with waterproof properties. Below are the 10 best water-resistant keyboards:

  • DS International Waterproof Keyboards
  • Xsoul Waterproof Keyboards
  • Edota Waterproof Keyboards
  • Rocksoul Waterproof Keyboards
  • E-More Waterproof Keyboards
  • Gmyle Waterproof Keyboards
  • Sungwoo Waterproof Keyboards
  • Memteq Keyboards
  • Obecome Keyboards
  • Logitech Keyboards

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Dangers of Water on a Laptop Keyboard

It is easy to notice when there is a spill on a keyboard. In the case where the liquid spillage contains sugar, you may get sticky keys.

The backing of the keyboard should prevent the liquid from spilling beyond the keyboard. If the liquid somehow reaches the motherboard that’s bad news. At that point, the keyboard is probably no good and needs to be replaced.

Another way to know that the keyboard has been damaged is through burnt components and white powder seen on the motherboard. Other laptops have a sticker that changes color as a sign that water has been detected in the keyboard. This is a clear indication that spillages can be dangerous to your keyboard if not detected early.

How to Deal with Spillage on the Keyboard

First thing is to detach the keyboard from the monitor. Bath the keyboard with cold, soapy water. (yes, you can do this, it’s highly debated but I’ve done it with no problems). After immersing it in the water, shake it and let it drain on a towel overnight or until it’s completely dry. The following day, if the keyboard is dry, plug it back into the PC to determine whether it is still in good condition. Do not plug it back in if you aren’t 100% sure that it’s dry.

In the case of a laptop keyboard, once spillage has happened, try and take it to the electronic repair shop. Here the keyboard is opened up and dried and if it cannot be repaired this way, the only option is to replace it.

Mechanical keyboards stand a better chance of being cleaned and dried. Compared to the normal keyboards, the mechanical ones can be immersed in water and left to dry. This method of immersing the keyboard in cold, soapy water is known as the Immersion method.

The cheaper keyboards do not stand a chance with the immersion method. Once spilled on, it is easier to just invest in a new and better keyboard to avoid the problem another time.

In the future, Being more careful or even avoiding liquids when using your keyboard is recommended. Prevention is better than dealing with the damage. This will save you a lot of trouble and stress as you won’t have to think of replacement and repair costs.

Washable and Waterproof Medical Keyboards

As a tool for infection prevention, medical keyboards have recently been recognized as important and cost-effective as well. These keyboards can be washed regularly preventing the spread of infections from other users of the keyboard. Washing the keyboards eliminates surface pathogens and therefore protects the user.

Seal Shield is the leading brand that has developed the fully waterproof and washable medical keyboards. These keyboards further feature antimicrobial product protection. The keyboards can be washed without being unplugged or powered down like the other keyboards. They are the only keyboards that are capable of being washed in the dishwasher, in the sink or even be soaked in bleach.

Investing in a Waterproof Keyboard Is Cheaper

The waterproof element is one of the most important features that every keyboard should entail. Not only is it a necessity but also a form of protection. Protection is against the various infections that arise from the sharing of keyboards. Investing in a waterproof keyboard seems to be the best option rather than going through the repair and replacement trouble.

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