Why Does My Keyboard Have Two USB Slots?

Why Does My Keyboard Have Two USB Slots

A Universal Serial Bus or USB connect various types of accessories to the computer. Many electronics come with one or more USB slots. The USB connects the accessories such as keyboards, printers, or a mouse using a cable. The USB is a very simple device. This makes it easy for all users to connect various peripherals to the computer.

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More than one USB?

Why does my keyboard have two USB slots? The keyboard comes with two USB slots because many users often have more than one external device that they would wish to connect to the computer. The keyboard is built to support more than one external device at the same time. The two slots help the computer perform multiple functions simultaneously.

The keyboard also has two slots because the number of external devices that can be connected to the computer has increased over the years. For instance, many keyboards were initially built to support the mouse or printer as an external device. However, many new devices can now be connected to the keyboard including speakers, cameras, and cellular modems. These devices make it seem that two slots may not be enough. This is one of the reasons why USB hubs were built.

Many devices can be supported by USB. Some are used to carry out various functions when supported by the computer. Here is a look at various devices that can be supported by the USB:

  • Webcams
  • USB network adapters
  • Keyboards
  • Mobile devices
  • USB broadbands
  • USB printers

The various function of the USB interface is one of the reasons why the keyboard has one or two USB slots. This is usually meant to help the user connect many devices to the computer. Moreover, many users have one or more devices that they would want to connect to the computer. This makes the two slots very convenient

How Does a USB Function?

The USB is very important because it allows the transfer of data. This is usually done by connecting a USB cable to the computer. The cable connects the computer to an external device such as a mouse.

USB slots can also be used as a power source. This is often the case when they are connected to a device that lacks its source of power. If you want to connect your device to the computer here are a few steps that could help:

  • Take a look at your computer and try to locate the USB slots
  • They are usually at the back or on the side of the keyboard
  • Once you have located the slots, connect the device using the USB cable
  • The device will be automatically be installed by the computer
  • You can connect or disconnect the device by attaching or re-attaching the USB cable

Most operating systems automatically detect and install external devices to the computer. If the operating system does not install the device. You can check whether you have correctly installed the cable into the slot. If not, then you can check the computer’s setting. If the problem persists, you can ask for help from the computer’s help desk or troubleshoot any problems identified by the operating system.

Using a USB is quite easy and the main function is to facilitate communication between the computer and an external device.

Do USB Slots Come With Their Connectors?

Yes, USB devices come with their cables. The standard connectors that are used are A and B. This helps to avoid confusion by making it easy for the user to know which slot is meant for which function.

The slots may also be color-coded to help distinguish their versions. The USB slots on the keyboard may not be enough if you have many devices. This is where a USB hub comes in handy. With a USB hub, you can connect all your devices because there are multiple slots.

What are the Functions of a USB Hub?

A USB hub is very useful because once you connect it to the keyboard. You can connect more than two devices to the USB hub with ease. You can use more than one hub, which will allow you to connect more devices. This is usually the case when a computer is being used to perform many functions that require more than one device.

Some of these functions include creating a workstation. When computers are used in a workstation, it is important to have a USB hub. This will allow computers to connect with multiple devices that are needed to process many applications at the same time. If your keyboard only has two USB slots, it would be difficult to connect more than one device. This is usually the case if you are going to use scanners, webcams, printers and other devices in the workstation.

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USB hubs also help you manage your work-space. This is when you have multiple devices being connected to many computers. Having a hub will help you connect all your devices more easily. A USB hub is also very useful when you need to transfer files between many devices.

A USB hub is also useful when playing games on your computers. Laptops usually have fewer USB slots than desktops. Hence, it is important to have a USB slot to make the gaming experience much easier. The USB hub will also give you more room. It will also allow you to be flexible with how you want to plug in your devices.

What are the Different Versions of USB?

There are different versions of USBs which include:

  • The 3.1 version
  • The 1.1 version
  • The 2.0 version
  • The 3.0 version

The physical layout of every USB slot is identical although it can support different versions of the USB. The 3.0 version is considered the fastest USB. The 2.0 version is better than the 1.1 version because it has can perform better multimedia functions due to added bandwidth. The 2.2 version is faster than the 1.1 version.

The best version you can use with your keyboard is the 3.0, 2.2, or the 2.0 version. Experts do not recommend the use of the 1.1 version because it is too slow.


USBs are what provide power and information to your devices. Most peripherals will come with these unless they are wireless. Many times you may need to plug multiple devices into another device, and if you don’t have the room to do so, you will have to purchase another product like the USB hub.

However, some manufacturers have adapted to the growing technology world, and understand that it’s important to provide the user with options. That’s why some put two USB slots onto their keyboards, so you could plug multiple things into it, like a mouse or a headset if you choose to.

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