Why Is Keyboard Efficiency Important In The Workplace | How To Improve Performance?


Whether you’re a gamer, a casual PC user, or a computer expert/writer in your professional life, knowing how to use the keyboard is critical. Not only does this knowledge improve your productivity but also keeps many health issues at bay.

But that’s not all. Knowing how to use a keyboard fast-paced and efficiently is a skill that everyone requires. Especially for a productive work-life balance, it is essential.

You might be thinking, how can I use the keyboard efficiently, and why is it so important to be a fast typist in the workplace? Don’t worry because I’m going to let you know exactly why.

I will explain what fast and efficient keyboard usage is, how you can learn it, and the importance and benefits of Keyboard Usage Efficiency in the workplace. To become productive in your professional life, make sure you read this article till the very end.

Why Is Keyboard Efficiency Important In The Workplace How To Improve Performance

What is Fast and Efficient Keyboard Usage?

Almost every person in the world knows how to use a keyboard and perform basic computer functions with it. But that’s not what efficient, and fast keyboard usage is.

Efficient keyboard usage means performing functions, open documents, use shortcuts, and type incredibly fast. This allows efficient keyboard users to make perfect use of their time and do things incredibly fast-paced not only in the workplace but also in casual computer usage.

The most common example of efficient keyboard usage can be considered the copy and paste shortcut. A common keyboard user who isn’t familiar with macros and hotkeys would use the mouse and right-click, then choose copy and paste for copying a file to a location. But an efficient keyboard user would know that CTRL+C is for copying a file and CTRL+V is for pasting it.

In the eyes of a common keyboard user, this might not save a lot of time. Still, if you think about the combined time and effort saved throughout the normal day through this efficiency, you’re surely going to see the benefits of Keyboard efficiency.

How to Increase Keyboard Usage Speed and Efficiency?

I’m sure at this point you must be interested in increasing your keyboarding speed to make life easier and more productive. Well, lucky for you, I’ve made a list of the best methods and techniques you can use to increase your typing and general keyboarding speed and efficiency.

To increase your keyboard efficiency practice rewriting long paragraphs, learn shortcuts and macros, program your keyboard to your preference, learn touch typing, and use an ergonomic keyboard.

Let’s take a look at each of these methods carefully.

Practicing Rewriting Long Paragraphs

As the old saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect.” It is essential to practice if you’re thinking of learning keyboard efficiency. A big part of keyboard efficiency and speed is fast typing.

You can try and rewrite long paragraphs, basically getting your hands set on the keyboard and increasing your typing speed slowly with each time you rewrite the paragraph and note the finishing time.

Learning Shortcuts and Macros

Macros are combinations of keys that allow you to perform different functions efficiently. From copy and pasting to opening task manager and many other things, macros are handy.

Learning about different computer shortcuts and macros increases the keyboard usage efficiency of a person and their knowledge of utilizing a keyboard, which makes them a pro at using the piece of machinery.

Remapping and Programming Your Keyboard According to Your Working Ease

Keyboard remapping is the technique with which you can map the functions of different keys on other keys and swap their placement according to your ease of use.

If you specialize in particular software and you want to change the key placement according to your usage, this will also result in keyboard efficiency, especially in the workplace. But it also works in games, so you can do it if you’re gaming on your keyboard too.

Learning the Placement of the Keys on the Keyboard

You need to learn the keyboard placement on the keyboard if you’re thinking of becoming keyboard efficient in normal life and the workplace.

Right now, I’m typing without looking at the keyboard because I’ve been practicing and typing for such a long time that I don’t have to look at the keyboard to know that there’s an A in the place of the A key. When you’re able to write without looking, and you’ve understood the key placement on the keyboard, becoming keyboard efficient is not a difficult job anymore.

Using a High-quality Ergonomic Keyboard

If keyboard efficiency is what you seek, then the first and foremost thing you should do is get a high-end ergonomic and feature-full keyboard. There are so many different options to choose from.

You have gaming keyboards with RGB, which can also work very well in a workplace setting, having amazingly smooth and silent mechanical keys and sleek designs matching your setup perfectly. They’re built ergonomically as well. So, choosing them will surely help in motivating yourself to become more keyboard efficient.

Importance of Keyboard Efficiency in the Workplace

We talked about the general benefits of keyboard efficiency. But how is it important in the workplace? Well, today’s the age of computers and digital technology. From marketing to business, computing, web development, accounts, and much more, everything is completely dependent on computers.

And computers are dependent on keyboards. Since every workplace deals with computers, every office and professional organization must have excellent skilled workers who have mastery of the keyboard. This makes things easier, innovative, quicker, and overall better.

That’s why keyboard speed and efficiency are critical in the workplace. And you should also try to learn keyboard usage if you’re thinking of excelling in the office.

Benefits of Fast and Efficient Keyboarding

So yeah, keyboard efficiency is important, but how does it bring practical benefits in the workplace? No need to worry because I’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best advantages of fast and efficient keyboarding in the workplace.

The benefits of being fast and efficient with your keyboard at work include; Faster work completion, improved focus, better posture, increased productivity, and better workplace ranking.

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail:

Faster Work Completion

In a normal workplace, the average working hours last between 8 to 9 hours per day. This is incredibly exhausting. Especially if you’re not skilled in keyboard usage, even basic tasks will take a long time for you to complete, usually causing you to work overtime.

However, if you’re keyboard efficient, you’re going to be able to complete your work quickly, possibly even before closing time. The shortcuts, macros, efficient typing, and keyboard utilization will prove incredibly time-saving in the long run for you.

Improved Focus

When you’re just an average keyboard user, the slightest of things might break your focus and lead to you losing your touch and, in turn, not being able to complete your work on time.

Once you’ve experienced keyboarding efficiency, you’re not only going to be able to type faster and use shortcuts to perform functions, but your focus on work and typing will also increase. Things like external disturbances and problems won’t affect your focus and allow you to complete your work in or before due time, making you a better worker.

Better Posture

If you’re constantly in front of the computer, you’re going to hurt your back and muscles while typing and working on the keyboard for a long time. That is if you’re not an efficient and fast keyboard user.

Longer keyboard usage means long hours spent sitting in the office chair helpless while your posture is bad and constantly causing pain. But if you’re an efficient keyboard user, you’re going to be able to complete work quickly. Instead of spending time in the uncomfortable office chair, you’ll spend more time standing and stretching or sitting in your home chair comfortably.

Increased Productivity

Productivity is what drives the workplace in today’s world. Companies are looking to hire people with high productivity even if their skills and experience aren’t the greatest.

If you know how to perform speedy keyboard usage effectively, you’re going to be more productive all the time. Quickly finishing your work, you’ll be able to go home early. And then, you’re going to have time to complete your house chores as well. You’ll have an overall better and more productive life while having your work-life completely balanced with your daily life.

Better Workplace Ranking

A person who completes their work early, helps others do their work, and knows how to get around the time-taking processes and functions with ease, are always rated higher than other workplace employees.

Well, the same is the case with keyboard users. If you have the additional skill of fast keyboard usability, then you’ll surely be considered a hard worker and will be given the rank of a dedicated and productive employee. This is the ultimate goal of a worker in a workplace.


Keyboarding efficiency is a ladder to success in the workplace. Learning how to use the keyboard effectively and efficiently is incredibly vital. If you follow the techniques that I’ve mentioned, you’re going to excel in your office environment truly. I hope that your keyboarding experiences go amazing in your professional workplace.

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