How Much Weight Can a Gaming Chair Hold?


Whether you’re a gamer or a professional computer worker, gaming chairs provide comfort, support, and a certain princely feeling to everyone. But if you’re bigger than average in weight and height, finding the perfect gaming chair that can hold your weight could become a difficult ordeal.

You might be wondering, what is the standard amount of weight capacity gaming chairs have, and where can I find gaming chairs for heavier people? Well, those are the exact things I’m here to tell you.

In this article, I will talk about the weight capacity of gaming chairs, what you should look for when you’re buying one, and the top 3 gaming chairs for heavier people. So, make sure you read this article till the end before you make your final buying decision.

Large How Much Weight Can a Gaming Chair Hold

Weight Capacity of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are generally manufactured to hold a lot of weight and provide incredible amounts of support, posture correction, durability, and overall comfort to the user while they’re playing games or working long hours on their projects.

Most standard gaming-grade chairs come with an above-average weight capacity that you won’t see in office chairs. The overall weight capacity of most standard gaming chairs is 300-325 pounds.

But what about people who’re above average in height and are heavier in weight? Well, there are some great specially designed above-average gaming chairs in the market for such people, and I do have to say they’re perfect for heavier people.

How Strict are the Weight Limits of Gaming Chairs?

Almost all high-quality gaming chair vendors put weight limit labels on their chairs to make sure they aren’t used by people exceeding the weight which might end up messing up the sitting experience.

You might be thinking that they’re just taking corporate safety measures and the weight limits really don’t matter but that is not true. If you actually think about it, the weight limit on a gaming chair matters a lot, for your own safety and well-being along with the money you’ve spent on a chair.

How so? Well, there are two simple reasons for always keeping the weight limit of a gaming chair strictly under consideration.

  1. One being, the structural integrity, and durability of the gaming chair. It might be possible that your gaming chair material is capable of withstanding an adequate amount of pressure but no more than that because companies conduct all these kinds of lab tests and find out their results before consumer release of products.
  2. And two being the fact that most gaming chairs use hydraulics for their sitting and adjustment mechanism which can be disrupted if too much pressure is applied onto the system.

So, for both of these reasons, you should always consider company said weight limits legit and important when you’re buying a gaming chair for yourself if you’re bigger than average.

Can I sit in a Gaming Chair if I’m Over the Weight Limit?

Now that we know better than to not consider weight limit of a gaming chair, a popular question that I’ve been asked a lot and have wanted to answer for quite long is, should you be sitting in a gaming chair if you’re over the weight limit of the chair as suggested by company?

Well, there’s no other answer but no. You shouldn’t sit in a gaming chair if you are over the weight limit. It will be good for your physical safety and monetary security as well. You might be thinking, “But it’s so comfortable, and it seems sturdy enough to hold me”, but over time, it will give in.

What happens if you exceed the weight limit on a chair?

Ultimately, the excessive weight will break the chair much earlier than it would normally last and then you’d had to spend on another gaming chair that would cost more which would be damaging to your wallet and wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

Moreover, it is possible that when the chair breaks or the hydraulics disrupt, you might be sitting on the chair or near it, and it can severely hurt you and people around you that way. You wouldn’t want to spend so much money on a gaming chair just to simply get hurt or be at risk with it, would you?

Well, that is exactly why you should make sure that whenever you buy a gaming chair, you keep its weight consideration in view and you make sure you’re comfortable and safe when you sit in the chair. That will be the best decision for you.

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Chair?

We know gaming chairs are great, but what should you know before buying a gaming chair so that you don’t get ripped off? Let’s look at some of the major factors and elements you should consider very important before buying a gaming chair for yourself.

  • Durability – First, you need to take a look at the structure and frame of the gaming chair. If it is polished steel or aluminum, you’re in the clear because it will be super-durable; if it’s anything less, the gaming chair isn’t for heavier weights.
  • Weight Capacity – The weight capacity of gaming chairs is always mentioned on websites or the boxes they come to assemble. So, make sure you look at the maximum weight capacity and then buy a gaming chair.
  • Adjustability – From the headrest to the back of the chair, the arms, the height, and everything in between needs to be adjustable. Only then will you find the perfect position to sit in to get the best of comfort and relaxation.
  • Comfort Level – The texture of the gaming chair cloth and the foam used within and the headrest support all need to be super comfortable. Otherwise, you’re not going to have a great time sitting for long periods on your gaming chair.

Top 3 Best Gaming Chairs for Heavy People

Want to buy a gaming chair, but you’re not sure which one’s going to support your weight properly? Well, lucky for you, here are the top 3 best heavy-weight capacity gaming chairs that are meant for you. Let’s take a look at them and what they have to offer.

1. DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chair

The best chair in terms of features and overall maximum weight capacity in this list is, without a doubt, the DXRacer Tank Series Gaming Chair, but it comes for a high price too, so that’s something to think about.


  • When it comes to weight capacity, this incredibly durable metal-framed chair can support a weight of up to 400lbs and a maximum height of around 6 feet 6 inches.
  • The material of the chair is high-quality PU leather. The chair’s back can adjust 120 degrees, and with the arms and height along with the headrest, everything is completely adjustable.
  • The design is beautiful, the comfort level is incredible, and overall, this chair has everything you’re going to need if you want to sit back and game for hours on your computers.
Aesthetic Look – The overall design, curves, edges, and look of this chair by DX Racer is incredible and will make your gaming pc setup look crisp and smooth.Expensive – In comparison to some of the other big guy gaming chairs, this gaming chair is quite expensive and might hurt your wallet a lot.
Built like a tank – When it comes to durability, the DX Racer Tank series is truly built like a tank. It is strong, durable aluminum-framed skeleton with a huge weight capacity.Incredibly Heavy – The portability of this gaming chair isn’t great once assembled. It is quite incredibly heavy in standard form so moving it around can be difficult.
Lots of Adjustments – If you’re not comfortable with how you’re sitting in the default chair position, you can adjust literally everything according to your liking.
Soft and Comfy Support – With the soft and comfy lumbar and back support, you’ve got a lot of comfort factor in this chair even if you’re bigger than usual.

2. Secretlab Titan XL Gaming Chair

Another great contender for the top spot is the less expensive but incredibly designed and very sturdy and durable Secretlab Titan XL Gaming Chair, which is simply incredible.


  • The chair uses Secretlab PU 2.0 leather and Secretlab cold cure foam, and the Secretlab high-quality Softweave fabric provides utmost comfort.
  • The overall weight capacity for this amazing chair is around 390lbs, whereas the maximum height limit for this chair is over 6 foot 9 inches, so you’re good to sit and enjoy in this chair.
  • The frame is made of steel; the backrest, headrest, armrests, and everything in between is completely adjustable, and you can set the chair according to your requirements.
Very Durable – If you take a look at the SecretLab Titan XL gaming chair, you’re going to absolutely love the durability and strong frame of this gaming chair which can hold quite a lot of weight pretty easily.Too Roomy for Smaller Framed People – The one thing about this chair that I didn’t quite like was that it is too roomy. This simply means that it is meant only for larger individuals unlike the Titan series. If you’re not too big or large in physique, you won’t be able to relax or fit into this chair right.
High-quality Comfort Technology – The Softweave fabric technology used by SecretLab in their Titan XL gaming chairs is proprietarily designed to provide incredible comfort and support to larger individuals.
Less Expensive – If you compare this gaming chair with other options available on this list, then you’re going to find the price of this one better than the other chairs in terms of overall value.

3. GT Omega EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair

One of the more affordable gaming chairs on this list is the epic GT Omega EVO XL Racing Gaming Chair, which has tons of features and a weight capacity to match.


  • This gaming chair by GT Omega can support weights up to 350 pounds and a height of around 6 foot 5 inches which is quite remarkable for the price of the chair.
  • The chair’s base is made of steel, and there are tons of adjustability options available in the gaming chair if you want to mess around and get your perfect position.
  • The design is pretty great, and the comfort level is fascinatingly good too, plus the price is reasonable enough, so it is surely one of the best heavy-duty gaming chairs in the market.
Epic Design – The design of this gaming chair is quite stylish and cool-looking. The aesthetics will perfectly match whatever color you’re going for with your gaming setup.Initial Base Hardness ­– When you assemble the chair, initially, the seat base can feel a bit hard and once you fill it in, you’re going to feel more comfortable in it.
Great Stitching – The fabric along with the stitching throughout is incredibly neat and durable which makes the texture of the chair pretty amazing.Assembly is time-taking – One thing that I’m not a huge fan of is the long time that the assembly of this gaming chair takes. It can be a bit exhausting in my opinion.
Amazing Price – When it comes to price, this gaming chair has an upper hand in comparison to the other gaming chairs especially made for bigger gamers.
Large Chair – This chair has a bunch of room for you even if you’re a bit on the larger side but it’s good even if you’re not too big.


Heavier people face a lot of difficulties when it comes to comfortably sitting in chairs and playing games. Well, ever since these aforementioned gaming chairs have come around, that problem has been solved quite amazingly. 

We have discussed in this post the features of 3 best gaming chairs for overweight people. All you need to do is get one of these epic chairs and you’re going to have an amazingly comfortable time gaming on your gaming chair!

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