Glorious Panda vs. Holy Panda Keyboard Switches: A Detailed Comparison

If you want to have a great keyboarding experience, then it’s very important that you have the best switches available. Nowadays, the debate seems to be between Glorious Panda and Holy Panda switches.

These two are not ordinary switches. Therefore, a lot of people discuss their uses and advantages. One thing that we see very often is the comparison of Glorious Panda vs. Holy Panda switches.  

If you’re also wondering which of these is better and why you should choose one over the other, you are in the right place.

In this article, we are going to find out the differences between these two keyboard switches and decide which one is better in what aspect. We will also see if these switches are the best or if there are other alternatives available as well.

So, let’s get started.

Glorious Panda vs. Holy Panda Keyboard Switches: A Detailed Comparison

Glorious Panda Keyboard Switches

The Glorious Panda keyboard switches are nothing but an all-around upgrade to the original INVYR Panda housing molds, created for a perfect tactile keyboarding experience.

The design is based on the popular Holy Panda tactile switch. However, since Glorious Panda is more affordable, a lot of people prefer to choose it over Holy Panda. Despite being reasonably priced and packed with great features, there are a few shortcomings of Glorious Panda that you need to take into account. We will discuss those features shortly.   

This particular mechanical switch is of the tactile type and offers a buttery-smooth actuation, perfect tactile feedback, and a loud click sound that will be like music to your ears.

The build and design of the Glorious Panda switches are quite impressive. It is in no way a simply crafted switch. Each of the elements is upgraded to enhance the clicking experience, making this switch so great.

If we talk about the top shell of the Glorious Panda switch, it is made of premium grade polycarbonate and modified to fit the Glorious branding to perfection.

The stem is also upgraded by Glorious for reducing the pretravel before the clicky tactile bump and the spring is also stainless steel, which is pretty great when paired with the stem.

The bottom shell remains unchanged because INVYR’s bottom shells are as good as they get. Overall, the Glorious Panda Keyboard Switch is a real treat to use on your keyboard.

What’s So Special About Glorious Panda Switches?

There are more than one reasons why Glorious Panda switches are so amazing and special. One of the major reasons is the weight of the Glorious Panda switch. You’re going to need an actuation force of 67 grams to work the switch out.

This is not too heavy and not too light, the perfect center of the weight requirement, which is quite nice. But there’s another really impressive thing about these switches, which makes them such a good choice.

The Glorious Panda switches are 100% compatible with all GMMK models no matter which one you have, whether it’s the RGB lighting or a different kind of mechanical keycap. You’re going to be able to use these switches with all their keyboards, so good luck with that.

Shortcomings of Glorious Panda Keyboard Switches

These switches need to be lubed in order to eradicate scratchiness and other issues. Moreover, the spring creates a pinging sound, which is quite unpleasant, to say the least. This issue is even more pronounced when you type fast.

The switches come unlubed, which is considered a good thing by some people. It’s possible to control the amount of lubricant you apply to these switches. However, those who are new to the world of mechanical switches may not find this a very attractive thing to do.

If you don’t plan on lubricating the switches, Glorious Panda is not for you. Another downside of these switches is the way they wobble horizontally. All in all, Glorious Panda is definitely not the ultimate best switch you can get, but it is definitely worth a try provided you are ready to lube and film the switches.  

Holy Panda Keyboard Switches

Known as the best amalgamation of two keyboard switch companies, the Holy Panda Keyboard switch definitely lives up to the hype that its name has created.

The Housing and the Spring come from INVYR Panda while the stem and the slider come from Halo switches, together, forming the high-quality and impressive Holy Panda switch.

These switches are unbelievably tactile and smooth and offer a great overall click experience. Their rounded bump is quite amazing as well. The sound profile is much better than the Zealios switches, which are also quite popular nowadays.

The overall build of the Holy Panda Keyboard Switch is as premium as it gets. No other single switch comes close when it comes to a simply elegant and perfect build with upgraded housing and stems suited for the tactile feel that this switch is known for.

So, definitely having this switch on your keyboard is going to offer you an experience unlike any other. Its smoothness is something that keyboard users can never get enough of.

What’s So Special About Holy Panda Switches?

Like the Glorious Panda Keyboard Switches, the Holy Panda switches are also unbelievably special. But what makes them as special as they are? You might be wondering.

Well, firstly, in comparison to any switch out there at the moment, the prolonged smooth bump of the Holy Panda switches is miles ahead to the point that they’re completely incomparable in my opinion.

You can call them as much smoother, stiffer, and premium Cherry MX browns even. Their tactile profile is amazing and you’d definitely want to check them out.

Another great thing about the Holy Panda Switches is the smooth sound that they emit when they’re pressed. The serene sound is alone something that many enthusiasts use this particular switch for. These are some of the reasons for the specialness of the Holy Panda switches.

So, let’s now move on to the actual comparison between the two types of switches so you can decide, which one is better suited to your needs and budget.

Glorious Panda vs. Holy Panda

In this section, we are going to look at the benefits of both these types of switches. So, let’s have a look.

Benefits of the Glorious Panda Switches

Why Glorious Panda switches? You might be thinking. Well, here are some of the benefits that you’re going to get with these switches and why you should get them;

  • Best of Both Worlds – One of the main things that make Glorious Panda switches such a great choice is the fact that Glorious has put their own spin on the stem of the switch while INVYR Panda’s high-quality housing remains the same old original. It is truly the best of both worlds.
  • Smooth Click – Another great benefit of the Glorious Panda Switch is the smooth click experience that it offers. When it comes to smoothness, there aren’t many switches that can rival the Glorious Panda switch, which is due to the enhancements of Glorious.
  • Decent Tactility – The Glorious Panda Keyboard Switches have a lot of tactility as well. With a total 67 grams of weight requirement, the tactile feedback that you’re going to get with this keyboard switch is definitely going to be pretty great.
  • Crisp Sound – Tactile switches tend to sound great in all cases, but they sound the best when they’re paired with Glorious stems. The sound of the click with this switch is going to be so crisp that you’re going to use that as music.
  • Compatibility – Lastly, but definitely not least, Glorious Panda Keyboard Switches are also highly compatible. They can be placed in all models of GMMK no matter how advanced it is or what kind of keycaps it uses on it.

Benefits of the Holy Panda Switches

If you’re thinking of getting Holy Panda Switches, you’re definitely going to like learning about the capabilities and the benefits that these switches are going to bring you. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Best Tactility – Without a doubt, when it comes to the overall tactile experience, the feedback and bump, and the travel as well, the key switch that offers the best experience is the Holy Panda switch due to its use of Halo stems without any changes or differences.
  • Great Smoothness – If we talk about the overall smoothness, it might not be on the number one spot, but it is definitely up there in the Holy Panda switch due to its use of INVYR panda springs and housing along with a blend of Halo stems.
  • High-Quality Stem – The Halo stems are known to be some of the best in the market as of now. Other variants of the INVYR panda switches have some kind of changes done to the base tactile switch, but Halo keeps things simple, elegant, and perfect, which is exactly what you’d want from such a switch.
  • Perfect Sound – The sound of the tactile switch is truly worth listening to. And when we talk about the Holy Panda switch, it also emits a sweet and luscious sound that you’d love to hear. So, you should definitely think of trying this switch out.

Feature Comparison

As you can see, both these switches have a lot to offer. However, when pitted against each other, which one comes out on top between Glorious Panda vs. Holy Panda?

To find that out, we’re going to talk about a few features and how these switches work against each other in them. Let’s take a look at these.

Audible Sound

One of the most important aspects of a keyboard switch, especially tactile ones, is the sound that they make. Unlike silent switches, they have an audible sound.

Whereas, contrary to clicky switches, the sound of tactile switches isn’t too loud or very strong, which could be disliked by some and liked by others during usage.

It is just the right amount of crispness that you’d want from your keyboard switches and that’s why tactile switches are some of the most loved in the market at the moment.

If we talk about the audible sound of Glorious Panda switches, the 67 grams of weight requirement provide it with a thick sound that you’re definitely going to enjoy.

On the other hand, the sound that the Holy Panda switches emit is quite different. The frequency is the same, but there’s a certain softness to the Holy Panda switches, which is unique. 

In my opinion, I like the Glorious Panda switch sound more than I like the Holy Panda switch sound. So, if you’re basing your choice on the sound and its frequency, I would definitely recommend that you go with the Glorious Panda keyboard switches.

Tactile Feedback

If we’re discussing tactile switches, then there’s no way we’re going to decide which switch is better without thinking of the tactility that they offer and which one offers the better tactile experience.

In this case, we’ve got both great options in the Glorious Panda Keyboard switches and the Holy Panda Keyboard switches since they’re both the cream of the crop when it comes to premium tactile switches.

We’re going to talk about the tactile feedback of the Glorious switches first. The Glorious switches require an actuation force of 67 grams, which is not a lot when it comes to switch pressing. This means that you’re going to get overall decent but not very heavy tactile feedback.

This is an arena where the originality of the Halo stem used in the Holy Panda switches takes the cake. The tactility of these switches is so great and so firm that you’re definitely going to feel these switches when you’re pressing them.

This is a particular niche area that fellow keyboard enthusiasts and I thoroughly enjoy. That’s why in this case and in the case of being tactile switches, I would definitely say that the tactile feedback of the Holy Panda switches is better.

Overall Smoothness

Last but not the least, a very important factor that you should definitely consider if you want to have a good overall experience with pressing your keyboard key switches is the smoothness and the click feel when you actuate the buttons.

Tactile switches are known to offer a bump that hinders smoothness usually, but that is definitely not the case when it comes to the Panda switches. These switches are built to perfection, keeping in mind that a smooth overall experience is given to the users through the premium build and design along with parts used in this switch.

Firstly, if we take a look at the click smoothness of the Glorious Panda switches, the enhanced Glorious stem adds a layer of smoothness to the overall experience and makes the switch that much smoother when you press it, which is quite important.

On the other hand, there’s no surprise element in the stem of the Halo switches in the Holy Panda series, which is part of the reason that there’s a certain bump that reduces the smoothness of their clicks. So, if smoothness is considered a crucial factor, the throne of the best switch surely goes to the Glorious Panda switch.

Final Verdict

If you want to come to a conclusion, you should compare these two types of switches in their unlubed, dry state. It has been seen that Holy Panda offers a more noticeable bump when dry and it is also smoother. Glorious Panda, on the other hand, comes with a hint of scratchiness.

The bump style of both switches is identical meaning there is no difference in this regard. However, if we look at the consistency of the bump, Glorious Panda takes the lead here. Holy Panda seems to be divided into two parts: a snap that leads down to a rounded bump.

When it comes to sound, the winner again is Holy Panda. It is not just the louder but also one that produces a very distinct and pleasing sound. Glorious Panda is not far behind though when it comes to the sound profile. But one drawback is the slight metallic ticking that may not appeal to a lot of people.

In build quality, the winner is Glorious Panda. Although a beginner won’t be able to tell the difference between the appearance of these two switches (they are often called “twins”), the difference is there.

Keep all these points in mind and then come to a decision as to which of these switches suits your requirements.


Without a doubt, both these switches have a lot to offer. You can use either switch depending upon the kind of experience and keyboarding activities you want to take part in because both Glorious Panda and Holy Panda switches come with something special on offer.

You’re going to have a wonderful experience using these switches. If you’re looking for some other switches, you can check out the blog and find more reviews and comparisons that you want to see. May you have a wonderful day ahead of you.

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