Can a Mouse Cause Your Computer to Freeze?

If you’re on the computer most of your day, the worst thing that could happen is the computer freezing and crashing again and again without the problem being identified to fix the issue.

Input devices can also cause your computer to freeze, bringing you to form the question: can a mouse cause your computer to freeze? Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place because that’s what I’m here to tell you.

In this article, I’m going to talk about whether a mouse can cause your computer to freeze, the different ways your computer can freeze due to your mouse issues, and how you can fix the mouse issues on their own, ultimately fixing your computer freezing problem.

So, let’s get started with this guide right away.

Can a Mouse Cause Your Computer to Freeze?

Can a Mouse Cause Your Computer to Freeze?

Computer freezing is quite a normal problem where your computer stops functioning and freezes in its current state where no input is processed and no changes can occur without rebooting or shutting the computer down.

The most common reasons for computer freezing can be malware within the computer and can also be a faulty operating system or corrupted software as well. However, these aren’t the only reasons.

A lot of people tend to ask me if their mouse can cause their computer to freeze. Well, yes, a bad mouse or problems with the mouse can most certainly cause your computer to stop working normally. Without proper fixing of the problem, your computer might keep freezing continuously, which can be quite painful.

Ways Your Computer Can Freeze Due to Mouse Issues

When it comes to your computer freezing due to your mouse, there can be several reasons why it is happening. Here are some of the major reasons that this might be happening, so that you can correctly find the issue and then create a plan to solve it.

Bad or Corrupted Drivers

One of the main reasons that a lot of problems occur in computer systems is due to corrupted or bad drivers. Your computer mouse also requires a device driver to ensure its working is accurate, so there could be any kind of fault with it.

Sometimes, viruses and malware can affect the mouse drivers, which can corrupt those drivers and halt their normal functioning, keeping your mouse from working as you’d want it to work.

At other times, updating or rolling back to the driver version for the mouse that isn’t stable or working well could also lead to the mouse introducing problems such as freezing the computer as soon as you try to work the mouse.

You can say that bad or corrupted drivers could surely be one of the main culprits of your mouse causing computer freezing problems if you’re encountering it recurringly.

Faulty USB Ports

Another reason for your mouse causing your computer to freeze multiple times is the use of a faulty USB port. Now, this problem could be because of the fact that the USB port you’re plugging the mouse in isn’t working well, isn’t connected to the motherboard, or is damaged to a point where it doesn’t work as intended.

On the other hand, the issue could also be residing within the USB connector of your mouse. It is possible that it isn’t working as intended or the fact that it is damaged due to some reason. Either way, one thing is for sure. These issues can most certainly cause your computer to freeze upon mouse connection which isn’t something you’d want during your time on the computer.

Mouse Internal Issue

The mouse is such an integral part of the computer system that it can cause malfunctions that you may never expect it to if it’s not working as you’d want it to work.

Your computer might be freezing due to one more reason. That reason isn’t related to the USB ports or the drivers. In fact, that reason is something that you’d pray isn’t the reason why it is happening.

It could be because of some internal issue or damage that your mouse has. From physical damage to hardware issues, loose connections, and many other reasons, your mouse could be behaving weirdly and causing your computer to follow it on that path.

So, if you’re experiencing a severe case of your computer freezing time and time again, it could most certainly be because of the fact that your mouse has some internal problems associated with it.

How to Fix Computer Freezing Issue Due to Mouse Problems

If you want to make sure that you don’t encounter computer freezing at any point due to your mouse problems, you’re going to have to try a bunch of different solutions depending upon which kind of problem you’re going through. Let’s take a look at some of them and how they’ll help you fix things.

Updating Your Mouse Drivers

As we discussed earlier, a very possible reason for your computer freezing could be corrupted mouse drivers. To fix this issue and possibly deal with the freezing of your computer, you need to deal with your mouse drivers.

There are two essential ways of dealing with this issue: you can try rolling back the mouse drivers to a previous version that was working perfectly before this started happening or you can also choose to update your mouse drivers to a more recent version to ensure that the mouse drivers are working perfectly causing the computer to behave normally as well.

Another way of dealing with this issue is to simply delete the mouse driver once. Then you’re going to want to restart your PC and that will immediately reinstall a stable version of the mouse driver which will most likely fix your issue.

Changing the USB Port for the Mouse

Now the problem of your computer freezing due to your mouse can also be because of a faulty USB port. Well, in that case, the simplest solution would most definitely be for you to take the mouse out of the faulty USB port and plug it in another one on your PC or laptop and check if the issue is resolved.

If not, then it is most certainly a problem within the USB plug of the mouse which is something that you’re going to have to deal with under the supervision of a professional.

You can also try to fix the USB port of the PC or the laptop you’re using and then plug in the mouse and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, then you’re good to go and things are all better!

Fixing the Computer Mouse

If your mouse has some internal issue that you can’t detect and it is causing your computer to freeze and stop working, then the ideal fix for that situation is none other than getting it checked by a professional.

There could be many different reasons behind your mouse causing such distress. Once you let a professional take a look at it, you’re going to be able to find the exact problem.

Getting it fixed by a professional for an affordable price, you’ll be able to save your mouse and the computer at the same time. However, it could be possible that the problem isn’t fixable, which can be a bit depressing.

Replacing Your Mouse

This is the last option that you can choose to use if your computer freezing problem is definitely associated with your mouse. What you’re going to want to do is simply take your mouse and either give it away or sell it in the market and get a new one in its place.

There are tons of high-quality computer mice available in different ranges of price with different incredible features that you can get your hands on. Just make sure the mouse you’re getting is worth the price and has a great review written on the blog for it.

If that’s the case, then without a doubt, you’re going to be able to fix all your problems and get a high-quality new mouse as well. But this solution should only be applied if nothing else seems to work, or you’re already due to get a new mouse for your computer system.


When it comes to having a good computer usage experience, if your mouse or USB sockets for the input devices aren’t working well, you’re not going to have a good time. That’s why you need to make sure everything is working perfectly in tandem for a great experience.

If your computer is freezing quite frequently, the mouse can be one of the reasons behind it. We have looked at some of the ways a mouse can cause such distress. Make sure you go through all these reasons and find out if one of them is disrupting your work. After finding out the cause, the next step will be to fix it. All the best!

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