What To Do With Old Office Chairs? 8 Ideas!

If you’re working in an office environment, there’s a chance that about every few years, the chairs in the office are going to be replaced with brand new ones. In that case, if you’re managing inventory, there are going to be a lot of old chairs you’re going to have to deal with.

Well, you may be wondering, what to do with old office chairs? Don’t worry, because that’s precisely what I’m here to tell you.

Here are 8 things you can do with old office chairs:

  1. Donate to charity
  2. Sell to thrift store
  3. Reupholster the chairs for usage
  4. Sell/give the chairs to the new tenants
  5. Give to a Recycle Lot
  6. Put up Ads for Old Chairs
  7. Give them for free to the homeless
  8. Make a DIY art-piece

In this article, I’m going to talk about old office chairs, when can you label chairs as old, and all the things you can do with old office chairs. So, make sure you read this article till the very end because you might end up earning a profit while getting things done.

What To Do With Old Office Chairs

Are Old Office Chairs Useless?

A lot of people ask this question and believe that old office chairs have no purpose at all. They end up throwing the chairs away without even considering any options and just getting rid of them in a dumpster or garbage yard.

Well, that’s definitely not what you should do with old chairs. Old chairs are very useful if you know what you’re doing with them. Office chairs have multiple scrap materials in them which can be used for a lot of things.

You might think that your old office chairs are useless and they’re simply hogging up space in your office storeroom but that’s not true at all. If you want to get rid of them, there are still a lot of profitable options.

Next time your finance budget gets a surplus that is spent on new chairs, make sure you are the one taking care of the old chairs because they can bring back a good revenue or be a part of a creative process.

When Does an Office Chair Become Old?

So, when exactly is your office chair become old and usable for anything other than sitting? There are a few reasons which might make you want to recycle or replace your office chairs and shift them to the storeroom.

  • The Office is getting new chairs – If your employers are too kind and you’re getting new chairs for the office, it would make sense that you would want to use the old chairs to turn a profit or make something useful out of them. That’s when you might need to recycle the old chairs.
  • Chairs are worn out – If the chairs you’ve been using have worn out quite a lot and they’ve become almost unusable, you might want to get rid of them in some cool way that can earn you and your fellows a good dinner or pocket money.
  • No more space left for excessive chairs – There’s also the possibility that you might be left with no excessive space in your storeroom or office to place the chairs and in that case, you’re going to have to remove them from the office as well.

8 Things to Do with Old Office Chairs

So, you’re thinking of somehow utilizing your old office chairs in a profitable way; Lucky for you, I’ve made a list of the things you can do with old office chairs. So, let’s take a look at them.

1. Donating the Chairs

Old office chairs might not seem useful to you but trust me, many people around the world lack even a proper sitting space. There are several organizations out there that might be helping shelters with the poor and the homeless and giving them a piece of life.

You can contact one of many charity organizations and donate the old chairs to them for peace of mind and inner satisfaction. This will help you get rid of the chairs and at the same time bring smiles to the faces of people suffering from financial and social problems. So, think about this option.

2. Selling to a Thrift Store

If the chairs you had at your office aren’t vintage-styled, then they’re probably not going to be sellable to the Antique store. So, leave that option out of here. However, there’s another storage option that you can actually use – the thrift store.

All you need to do is contact a thrift store in your local office neighborhood, talk to them about the chairs, fix a price, and then sell the chairs to the thrift store, and you’ll have some extra money made off the old chairs which you can use to give your fellow employees a little party or something like that. You’ll be the office hero after that.

3. Reupholstering the chairs for usage

At times, it might be that your company isn’t making a lot of profit and you can’t afford to get new chairs for the employees. Well, in that case, you’re going to have to be a little calculated and creative about things and hire a carpenter even perhaps.

You’re going to want to get the old chairs reupholstered, which means that the cushions inside and the outer leather and skin need to be changed to give the chair a good sitting feel and aesthetic new look. It will definitely save you a bunch of money on new chairs plus your office aesthetic won’t be ruined either.

4. Selling the chairs to the new tenants

If you’re thinking of moving out of your old office space and move to a new office with a different look and a better furniture plan in mind, then using old office chairs isn’t going to cut it. Instead, you’re going to want to get rid of these old chairs for better ones.

Well, there’s a very real possibility that there are new tenants moving into the office space that you’re leaving. If that’s the case, you can contact them, learn their furniture requirement,s and if your chairs match them, you can sell the chairs for a decent price where everybody’s happy. So this will be a great idea.

5 .Give to a Recycle Lot

Office chairs have a lot of components that can be used for recycling and other things as well. If you have no other use for your old chairs and just want to get rid of them simply, you can also go this route and give them to a recycle lot.

Typically how this goes is that you’re going to contact a recycle lot. Then they’re going to pick the old chairs from your office, at times even pay you a bit, and leave with the chairs making sure that they don’t add up to the landfill and actually use the chairs for eco-friendly productive purposes giving you a bit of a relief as well.

6 .Put up Ads for Old Chairs

The internet makes things happen. Whatever you want to sell, there are open-source websites that you can check out and buy and sell all and everything that you want. In addition, sites like Craigslist, OLX, and others are based all around the world.

You’re going to want to put up advertisements for the old chairs and write a good price along with the specs and the contact, and soon enough, you’re going to receive a call or two from interested buyers who you can deal with and make sure that your chairs are in good hands while making a few good bucks.

7. Give them for free to the needy

Around the world, there are hundreds of thousands of people who are homeless and don’t even have a sitting space. Even in your local neighborhood, you’re going to find many homeless people. They can be helped if you’re willing to give the chairs without any cost.

You’re going to have to move around with the chairs and give them to any poor and needy person. They can either keep it or sell it for a little profit and you’ll have that feeling of goodness and a warm heart for doing the right thing. So this will be a good use of those chairs.

8 .Make a DIY art-piece

If you’re working in a creative office and your passion is art, then we’ve got another great project that you can actually pull off with the old office chairs and the components of these chairs.

You can break the chairs apart, use the wood, the cushions, the steel, and the plastic along with paints and whatnot to craft a DIY art piece that will raise the aesthetics of your office and make use of the chairs getting rid of the space-hogging as well. It will be time-taking and difficult, but it will be worth the effort for sure if you’re willing.


Old office chairs can prove incredibly useful as you can see in the aforementioned tips and tricks. So, make sure that you use them to recycle or resell your chairs for decent payback. I hope you learned a lot from this article and that you’re going to deal with this situation elegantly. Finally, have a great time enjoying the results of using your old office chairs for good things.

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