6 Methods to Protect Your Gaming Chair From a Cat


Imagine getting a high-quality aesthetic looking super-expensive gaming chair to complete your gaming build, and your cat ends up scratching the whole thing to shreds the very next day. The feeling is callous and almost unimaginable but worry not. 

There are a bunch of ways to use you can protect your gaming chair from your cat. They are not very difficult to follow but the end result is something you will find very rewarding. 

Here are 6 ways to protect your gaming chair from your cat:

  1. Furniture Shields
  2. Scratch Pole
  3. Anti-scratch Spray
  4. Trimming Your Cats Claws
  5. Double-sided tape
  6. Water and Lemon Juice

In this article, I will talk about gaming chairs and cat’s obsession with scratching them, the problems that cat scratching can cause to gaming chairs, and some of the best ways of protecting your gaming chair from your cat. So, make sure you read this article till the very end. 

How to Protect Gaming Chair From Cat
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Why Do Cats Scratch Gaming Chair Fabrics?

The first thing you might have gotten in your mind when your gaming chair or furniture got scratched must’ve been, why does my cat love to scratch things, and is it just my cat that’s evil? Well, there are several reasons cats do that. Let’s take a look at the major reasons why they do that.

  • Behavioral Problems – Training from a young age is quite important for pets, especially cats. If your cats aren’t trained well from the start, they can develop severe behavioral problems and get aggressive quickly. This can lead to the cat scratching anything and everything that it wants to and not stopping when told to stop because of insubordinate behavior.
  • Natural Instinct – Cats are natural predators. They might look like cute balls of fur that you want to cuddle with all the time, but if you have noticed, every cat owner has some scratches on their arms or body because of their cats. Well, cats have the instinct of scratching and clawing things, and since your gaming chair is just sitting there minding its own business with such a scratchable fabric, your cat messes around with it.
  • Shed old claws – When you’re not properly taking care of your cat, it can get anxious and scratchy because it wants to get rid of the old dry claws and sharpen them up. So, it starts scratching things with its claws and just like that, they get sharp and in shape.

Problems That Cat Scratching Might Cause to Gaming Chairs

I’ve been through it myself; cat scratching your gaming chairs can be quite problematic and disappointing. But if you haven’t had your cat scratch your gaming chair, then you might not be familiar with the consequences of that scratching. Here are the things that can happen if your gaming chair gets exposed to cat scratching.

  • Scratch Marks on Plastic – Gaming chairs are not completely made of metal. Mostly the structure or frame is metallic, and the handles and everything are durable plastic. But when a cat or other pets scratch on this plastic, it leaves a mark that could really affect the value of the gaming chair itself.
  • Torn fabric – The fabric of a gaming chair is what matters the most. The cushion, lumbar support, headrest, backrest, and the entire seat need to be soft and comfy enough for you to sit on and game for hours. But if the fabric is torn and the foam is peeking through, it could become uncomfortable to sit on that chair.
  • Messed-up look – A big reason people buy gaming chairs is how good they look with their gaming PC setups. If your gaming chair ends up getting scratched and torn, it will lose that beautiful design and amazing look, which will also heavily affect its overall value and ultimately mess it up.
  • Cat hair in the seat – Cat hair can be pretty hard to deal with when you’ve got more than one cat in your house. And since fur gets stuck in fabric, if your cat makes its way around your gaming chair and scratches it, it may be going to leave a bunch of fur on there that will be pretty hard to take care of.

Best Chair Material to Avoid Cat Scratches

If you’re getting a gaming chair and you’ve also got a cat in your house, you need to be sure of getting a fabric that is scratch-proof and won’t get messed up if your cat tries to claw it.

PU leather and the simple cloth fabric are going to do no good in this case. You’re going to get scratch marks, and you’re going to end up being disappointed because of the look and feel of your chair.

So, the best way to deal with this is by thinking before getting a particular chair fabric material. In my opinion, the best fabric material for gaming chairs is either mesh fabric or simply microfiber because both of these materials can keep scratch marks at bay and your chair safe.

6 Ways to Protect Your Gaming Chair From Your Cat

Now, if you’ve recently bought a gaming chair and you want to make sure your cats stay away from it and don’t scratch it, you need to take proper measures. Lucky for you, here’s a list of the ways you can protect your gaming chair from your cat.

1. Furniture Shields

Furniture shields are made of plastic or other compound mixtures and offer resistance against scratching and clawing. They’re completely clear and transparent, so they don’t cover the look and design of the furniture either.

You can use them by simply placing them onto the furniture, which in our case is the gaming chair, and you’re going to be able to protect it from any scratch or claw marks that your cat might try to put on it.

2. Scratch Pole

As we talked about it, cats are naturally instinctive of scratching and clawing things, whether their food or expensive gaming chairs. Then one solution is a distraction for them, in my opinion.

Scratch poles are long poles with different scratchy fabrics on them. There are many different kinds of scratch poles available in the market with different materials that you can take advantage of and get for your cat so they can spend time scratching on it and leave your precious gaming chair completely alone.

3. Anti-scratch Spray

Cats are known for their powerful sense of smell, and since cats scratching surfaces and messing up expensive equipment isn’t anything new, we have a good tool that can be used to stop them from getting near your gaming chair.

The strong smell of the anti-scratch spray will keep your cat away from the gaming chair. However, you’re going to have to spray the chair around every day until your cat is trained to stay completely far away from the gaming chair at all times.

4. Trimming Your Cats Claws

Grooming your cat is an essential element of keeping a cat as your pet. If you spend too much time on other things and not much on this, your cat is definitely going to show bad behavior.

One way of dealing with your gaming chair being scratched by your cat is to cut the long nails on your cat’s claws, so the slashes aren’t very deep, and you don’t have to worry about the fabric ripping when your cat is near the gaming chair.

5. Double-sided tape

Double-sided tape is great if you want to ward off your cat away from your computer setup and gaming chair. What you’re going to want to do is place the tape on the spots where your cat seems to scratch the gaming chair.

And when the cat scratches again, its paws will get stuck, and we all know cats don’t like their paws getting stuck in things. So, your cat will finally learn to stay away and not mess with your gaming chair.

6. Water and Lemon Juice

As strange as it might seem, this method also works like a charm. You need to take a citrus-scented spray or add lemon juice and water to a spray container.

Spray the gaming chair, and whenever your cat comes near the citrus smelling gaming chair, it’ll immediately run away and stay away because of the smell. It is like an anti-scratching spray, but it is a much more approachable and DIY kind of protection method.


Gaming chairs are incredibly precious because most of us save up a lot of money to get the best ones that feel good while sitting on and are at the same time very visually appealing and aesthetic. But having cats and pets around in the house means that your worst gaming chair nightmare can come true.

With the help of these epic gaming chair cat scratch protection techniques, you can make sure your cat stays away from your gaming chair and furniture, and you can sit and play for hours. So, have a great time sitting on your gaming chair!

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