How to Fix a Slow Phone Keyboard

Whenever you buy a phone, the last thing you want is to endure functionality problems like a slow phone keyboard. Everybody wants a phone that works fast and effectively. It can be very irritating when you want to type a message as fast as possible, but what your phone does is slow you down.

Well, this isn’t a unique problem. Many phone users have, at one point in time, experienced a slow phone keyboard. So, don’t feel like having this problem is the end of the world for your phone.

There are a few ways to fix a slow phone keyboard. These solutions include: changing the virtual keyboard, checking for updates, GPU rendering, restarting the device, clearing the cache, freeing up memory, and factory resetting. If all else fails, contact the manufacturer for more help on your specific device.

If your unsure of what all that means, or have more questions, no worries. In the following sections I will be going into more detail for each solution i’ve mentioned.

How to Fix a Slow Phone Keyboard
How to Fix a Slow Phone Keyboard

Download a different virtual keyboard

This is actually a solution you can go for. In fact, this could be the problem that your phone is facing. In this case, all you need to do is to go to the play store and choose one from there. I know a slow phone keyboard can be a huge frustration, so try swapping out your phone’s virtual keyboard and see if it will function better.

Update android software

You can explore this option as well to fix the problem. By updating your android software, you are actually increasing the functional capability of your phone. This will definitely do the trick for you. You see, your phone keyboard could be slow because of outdated software.

Enable the GPU rendering setting

You could have been experiencing a slow phone keyboard for a long time and you are beginning to wonder what to do. It becomes more frustrating when you’ve tried other options and still, there is no change. When it comes to this, you can try the GPU rendering setting.

This can be the help you are looking for to bring your phone’s keyboard to an effective functioning level. What this will do is that it will improve the speed of your phone’s keyboard. If GPU rendering does the trick for you, you will begin to see a significant improvement in your phone’s keyboard functionality.

Restart your phone

Generally, restarting your phone is a good practice whether you are having trouble with your keyboard or not. Just to mention some of the benefits of restarting your phone:

  • It prevents crashes
  • It retains memory
  • It helps your phone to function smoothly.

Based on the above-mentioned, restarting your phone will definitely play an important role in fixing the slow keyboard problem. Since it will help in making the functioning process of your phone smooth, it will go a long way to improve the effectiveness of text entry. If you have noticed that your phone’s keyboard is slowing down, consider restarting it and see if there will be any improvement.

However, it’s important to take note that restarting your phone might not be a long-term solution. Quite often, you will notice that the problem will persist even after restarting your phone. It will function well for a moment but start being slow again.

Clear the cache

Of course, clearing cache will be of great help when clearing things that might be slowing down your phone. The problem with your phone might be an application issue. Therefore, make sure that you clear the cache so that you allow your application to run better and more effectively.

Similar to restarting your phone, clearing cache can be a short-term solution. Depending on the degree of your phone’s situation, you might need to find other ways to make your keyboard work better.

Free up some memory space

If you have been a phone user for a long time now, you must admit that having a lot of applications can cause serious problems, especially if your phone’s memory is small. The result of this is often having lags when using your phone. This could be the reason why your phone’s keyboard is slow. Whenever you are typing, you will realize that it will be taking a little bit of time before it responds.

The reason behind this could be that you have too many applications on your phone but don’t have enough space to accommodate them. You should consider deleting some of these apps so that your phone has enough memory to handle its applications well. This is a solution that works quite well. From experience, you will need about 20% of free space for your phone to work well without lags.

Give factory reset a try

Yes, factory resetting is an option you can consider if you feel that the slow phone keyboard has taken a huge toll on you. By factory resetting your phone, you will be restoring it to its original state. In short, you will be going back to the drawing board.

Through this, if there was anything that was causing your phone to be slow, you will have taken care of it. You can now restore what you feel will be valuable for your phone. This is a good option to fix a slow phone keyboard, but it has a big disadvantage that you should be aware of. You will lose data stored in your phone once you factory reset it. Therefore, it’s prudent if you back up any valuable data that you wouldn’t want to lose.

So, what is the long-term solution here?

You will agree with me that a lasting solution is vital to solving this common, but annoying problem. Indeed, a long-term solution to a slow phone keyboard will go a long way in helping so many people out there. Quite frankly, if there is any long-term solution for this issue, it will definitely come from mobile device manufacturers. They are the ones better placed at working out a good and lasting solution.

In the meantime, the best that you can do on your side is to try as much as you can to prevent keyboard lag. You can do this by regularly restarting your phone, ensuring that your phone’s memory is sufficient, and avoiding applications that you don’t really need. Through this, you will be in a position to enjoy the effective functionality of your phone for a longer time.


I hope you found a solution to your slow phone keyboard problems in this article. I’ve had these problems before and they can be very frustrating! Sometimes you just have to try everything you can until it works correctly. I’ve given you many things to try and again, if all else fails just call customer service for your device. I’m sure they can solve the problem or provide you with a new device without any technical issues.

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